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Puzzle Quest XBLA to get expansion

And you can help name it.

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D3Publisher has promised a ginormous expansion for Puzzle Quest on Live Arcade this spring.

The publisher wants help naming it, too; starting today and ending on Friday you can submit ideas via the official website. Rather a frustating site, that.

Fresh additions are professions Bard, Rogue, Ranger and Warlock, as well as an undiscovered area containing 25 quests.

On top of that are 50 spells and 40 items to collect, and the story of Antharg, Lord of Plague to unravel, which means fresh bosses and monsters.

That all adds up to excitement, in our calculator, because Puzzle Quest was one of the freshest and most fiendishly addictive games of last year.

Adventure over to our Puzzle Quest Live Arcade review to find out more.

Puzzle Quest will also be given a proper sequel sometime this year that takes place in the far, science-fiction, future.

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