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Doodle Hex coming to Wii too

DS version out in June.

Tragnarion Studios has announced plans to produce a Wii version of forthcoming DS title Doodle Hex.

"We are really looking forward to working with our recently acquired Wii licence so that we can bring the Doodle Hex saga to this amazing platform," said lead designer Ricardo Carretero.

"We've been working on preparing some really innovative projects which will make full use of the Wii's unique capabilities."

Doodle Hex DS sees you casting offensive and defensive spells by drawing runes on the bottom screen. There are 200 runes to collect and you can combine them for pre-emptive strikes.

The action takes place in the not-at-all-like-Hogwarts College of Runes and there are 14 different characters to choose from. Players will be able to go head-to-head via Wi-Fi. The game is down for a June release in Europe.

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