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Race Driver: GRID at Live

First public playable units.

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Up until now the highlights were Soul Calibur IV, LEGO Indiana Jones, and a chance to work out how much of the Gemma Atkinson you see on the Internet is Photoshop, but now it turns out Race Driver: GRID is going to be at Live, so you can add that to the list.

Codies tells us that you will be able to play roughly what we played recently, as the game makes its public-playable debut during the consumer event on 15th and 16th March. You'll have a "selection of cars and tracks" to try out, surprisingly.

The full game is due out on PS3, 360, PC and DS this summer. As you will know if you've read our first impressions of GRID, it's a bit of a departure from the last Race Driver game with more of a US focus, although Oli reckoned that was a good thing on balance. Now you can see for yourselves, money/time/travel/enthusiasm permitting.

If you fancy carting yourself down to Wembley for Live, tickets are GBP 6 for adults and GBP 3 for kids, which gets you a morning or afternoon slot at the show on either of the days this weekend. Find out more on the official website. Remember that children should be accompanied by adults. This is unrelated to Live, actually, they just should - don't you watch the news?

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