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Valkyrie Profile series heading to DS?

Mag says yes, Square Enix says nothing.

Square Enix has declined to comment on rumours the Valkyrie Profile series may be heading to DS.

The sparks originated from leaked scans of an upcoming issue of Japanese comic Jump, which outed the new game as Valkyrie Profile: Toga wo Seou Mono.

According to a translation by IGN, Toga will be about a chap called Wilfred and the action be played out in a fresh isometric perspective.

Developer Tri-Ace is once more behind the wheel, and is said to consider this to be a fully-fledged third outing in the acclaimed series.

Valkyrie Profile is based around the servants of Norse god Odin that appear before brave mortals at their moment of death, in order to recruit them into a heavenly battle.

Both the PSone original - recently enhanced for PSP - and the PS2 sequel have been well received for their quirky take on the role-playing genre.

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