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Valkyrie Profile 2 dated

Superb RPG in September.

Square Enix has finally decided on a 7th September release date for the excellent Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria.

It's a sumptuous role-playing game from developer Tri-Ace, which sits neatly as a prequel to the original on PlayStation One.

Unsurprisingly it's based around the Valkyrie from the vaults of Norse mythology. These are the servants of Odin that choose and then appear before the bravest and best mortal men at their moment of death - to invite them to serve the Gods in battle as Einherjar.

In this particular story, the youngest of three ethereal Valkyrie sisters is banished from heaven by big boss Odin to exist as a soul in the body of Alicia, Princess of the Kingdom of Dipan, which soon turns out to be a bit cramped as the two souls fight for space. The story kicks on from here, as a confused Princess talks to herself on a street corner and eventually decides to help her other self on a quest for vengeance.

Every aspect of the game is well executed, and the mixture of action with high-level statistical and strategical balancing makes it an extremely seductive package - not to mention the inclusion of co-operative play for you and a friend.

Simon Parkin heaped praise on it when he played the US import late last year, and strongly urges anyone with even a passing interest in Japanese role-playing games to buy this.

Head over to his Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria review to find out why.

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