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Cruis'n and C64 games on Virtual Console

Three! Do not adjust your Internet.

Nintendo has launched the promised Commodore 64 channel for Virtual Console with two initial games, and has also released a new N64 title via the Wii's suddenly exciting shop.

The first two C64 games are the previously-announced Uridium and International Karate, and both cost 500 Wii Points (GBP 3.50 / EUR 5 approx).

Meanwhile, N64 fans can relive the joys of Cruis'n, hopefully making up for Midway's godawful attempt to reinvent the game for Wii with a boxed release recently. As with other N64 titles, Cruis'n costs 1000 Wii Points (GBP 7 / EUR 10 approx).

As old-days C64-heads know, Uridium is a vintage shoot-'em-up by a man called Andrew Braybrook, while International Karate is Archer MacLean's contribution to the early-days beat-'em-up genre.

But don't take our word for it, or rather do, as we will be rounding up the week's Virtual Console releases later today. In the meantime, why not surf around our reviews of 50 excellent C64 games in the Retro channel?

Nintendo has said that the C64 channel will receive "regular updates" following the release of these two, so expect more in the weeks and months to come.

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