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One Life Left on Eurogamer tonight!

How will they top Charles Cecil?

One Life Left is a radio show about videogames. You should know that by now. You were listening last week, right?

Great. Then you will remember the audio adventure we had trying to locate a Frag Doll, a journey that took us via Broken Sword development king Charles Cecil and some heavy-handed One Life Left ex-ex-exclusive hints that his next project will involve male impotency drugs. With that in mind: who would you like us to talk to this week? Pick someone videogame-related and (with the help of our listeners) we'll do our best to track them down over the course of the hour-long show. Suggestions in the comments, please.

But One Life Left isn't solely about justifying our increasingly unnerving stalking habits. Our fervent internet detective work will be interspersed with competitions, news, reviews, features, letters and music, all played out from the standpoint of two videogame industry insiders and one girl who couldn't care less. OLL isn't for everyone, we know that; but if you love videogames and aren't afraid to admit they are usually ridiculous, tune in from 8pm by going to www.onelifeleft.com.

You'll know it's live because there'll be a big LIVE graphic. If there isn't you're listening to last week's show. Which is fine. Consider it preparation.

Alternatively, through the blue words lies the actual stream URL, which will be active from as soon as the show begins. If not before. Well, definitely before, because, for the truly dedicated, the One Life Left preamble (Codename: Three Lives Left) begins around 7.40pm or so. This is the point when we switch the live stream on and freestyle! It is unrecorded, never podcast and contains exclusive material! That is a glamorous take on what we actually do, which is meander over music, test the mics and call some people. Tonight we're going to call Ann's Mum although no one's told her that yet.

See you there.

Ste, Simon and Ann

PS: If you're not going to be around for the show tonight, why not subscribe on iTunes or add our RSS so it's delivered to you after we've finished recording? Apart from those reasons.

PPS: Update! Due to technical problems the One Life Left website may be down for you right now due to a misbehaving host, but you can access the stream directly through this magical hyperlink, which will be active from 7.40pm or so.

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