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New babysitting sim coming to DS

Majesco's not even kidding.

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Good old Majesco is to follow up the inexplicable success of baking sim Cake Mania with a new DS title based around the thrilling experience of childcare.

Babysitting Mania will task players with handling "unruly kids, lists of chores and out-of-control houses", according to the press release. All "without losing their cool" - they probably mean without shouting rather without closing the windows and turning the gas on. There are 100 levels set in 20 houses to play through, and you'll have to care for all ages from babies and toddlers right up to teenagers.

"Players will use the touch-screen to manage every aspect of the household with speed and precision, rrom strategically employing 'Timeouts' to overseeing bonus birthday party levels that add neighbourhood party guests to the mania," apparently.

The game is the sequel to Nanny Mania, a PC game which has been downloaded more than 7 million times. You can play a free hour-long demo courtesy of BigFishGames.

Babysitting Mania is scheduled for a late 2008 release.

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