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No Europe plans for Wii TV guide

Launched in Japan, stamp progs with face.

Nintendo has launched a TV guide channel for Wii in Japan, but Nintendo Europe has told Eurogamer there are "no plans for Europe".

IGN reports that it's called the "Television Friend Channel", costs nothing, and allows you and your friends and family to keep track of programmes up to a week in advance.

If you tag a programme, a little Mii stamp appears on it so people can see what you're watching (so, Dancing With Ice In Their Stars or whatever bollocks Ellie usually references).

The channel will even send out alerts to your phone or email inbox in advance of the show starting.

Perhaps most interesting though, it allows you to use the Wiimote as an actual TV remote, switching from the TV guide to your actual TV channels.

This is evidently more complicated than it sounds, however, as IGN notes that it involves bouncing a sensor bar signal off the wall. Magic.

For the moment the Television Friend Channel is Japan-only, as it uses a local G-Guide service, but it's the sort of thing Nintendo typically rolls out here too.

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