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Eidos unveils "new phenomenon" for DS

It's called Soul Bubbles.

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Eidos has unveiled what it believes to be "THE new phenomenon on the Nintendo DS".

Dubbed Soul Bubbles, it sees you playing as a young shaman tasked with guiding lost souls around levels in bubbles.

The challenge is to protect and manipulate these bubbles so that they don't pop and spill their innards everywhere.

This will entail drawing on bubbles, deflating them, cutting them, or joining them together. You will be able to fill them with things like gas and water, presumably to give them different physical properties.

Obstacles to face will include falling rock traps, fires and big tongued-frogs.

Eidos is aiming for eight worlds and 40 levels when the game is released. It has no specific date just yet.

"This will be THE new phenomenon on the Nintendo DS," said Ray Livingston, Eidos mouth for the game. "Every single person who has picked up this game has fallen in love with it instantly. We can't wait to introduce the world to Soul Bubbles."

Bob over to our Soul Bubbles gallery for the first screenshots. Warning: contains humour.

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