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Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in summer

Plus: Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid.

If you're planning to go outside this summer then Square Enix has a few ideas for games you could take with you, like Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for DS, Space Invaders Extreme for PSP/DS, and Arkanoid DS, all of which are due out in sunny season.

FFT A2, which topped the charts in its native Japan, is the latest isometric strategy role-playing game in the Tactics series and, along with Final Fantasy XII on PS2 and Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings on DS, completes a trio of games set in the land of Ivalice. The big news (such as it is) is that our version will include touch-screen support, unlike the Japanese one.

Players take up the role of a young boy (amazingly) called Luso, who discovers a mysterious book while he's tidying up the library, and is transported to Ivalice, where he joins a clan led by a man called Cid, and then fights across the realm summoning Scions and Espers and building up his reputation. There are more than 300 quests, and a "whole new level of party customisation". Perhaps you can move the tables and throw shapes on the carpet.

Elsewhere, Space Invaders Extreme is a "stunning alliance of futuristic graphic design and cutting-edge audio" wrapping up exciting 80s nostalgia. Along with local wireless and Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection support on DS, there's ad hoc multiplayer on PSP.

Arkanoid DS, finally, is a block-busting 80s game with 140 levels and Quest mode. You'd probably recognise it more if we called it Breakout, which it is based upon. It too has wireless multiplayer, for up to four players, and this can be done on a single game-card. High scores can also be uploaded to the Nintendo WFC leaderboards.

Probably the most interesting thing about Arkanoid DS is that it shipped in Japan with an "optional paddle controller", which you can find pictures of on Google and so on. Square Enix's press release makes mention of the paddle for Europe, but we're told that this was a mistake and that nothing is confirmed for now. If and when that changes, we will let you know.

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