Arkanoid DS

Arkanoid DS

Arkanoid DS

Go back in time. And punch it.

Well now. The original Arkanoid was (and far more blatantly than Space Invaders) inspired by the original Breakout, only in this case the difference was - to put it charitably - "subtle". That's not to say that the things that Arkanoid added aren't appreciable - moving enemies, power-ups and even bosses were all added to the original design to spice up what was otherwise a clone - but the series hasn't stuck in our minds the way Space Invaders has.

I'm pretty sure, for example, that the only people who still bother to play any form of Breakout are people stuck on public transport with nothing to entertain them but a Blackberry (which comes with a version installed as standard). Unless you're so thrilled by WiiWare that you downloaded Block Breaker Deluxe (given a surprisingly positive review by our very own Dan Whitehead).

In fact, I'm so sure of that, I can only imagine people buying this to get hold of the paddle controller that came with the Japanese version. Taito must have thought the paddle was compensation enough for however many yen it wanted, too, because the game attached to it isn't competent in any way whatsoever. And just to add insult, it isn't even attached to the paddle any more. It's just a game in a box.

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Final Fantasy Tactics A2 in summer

Plus: Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid.

If you're planning to go outside this summer then Square Enix has a few ideas for games you could take with you, like Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift for DS, Space Invaders Extreme for PSP/DS, and Arkanoid DS, all of which are due out in sunny season.