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Space Invaders and Arkanoid DS in July

Square Enix rethinks Taito gems.

Square Enix has plans to unleash its reinterpretations of Arkanoid and Space Invaders in Europe on 4th July.

Space Invaders Extreme for DS and PSP has snazzy backgrounds and funky music that matches the sounds you make when murdering aliens.

The DS version lets you play a friend over Wi-Fi, or by sharing from one cartridge locally. There are also high-score tables to top. And high-scores are amazing.

The PSP offering is limited to ad-hoc multiplayer, but takes the visual edge with its widescreen support and has music supplied by people we've never heard of before.

Arkanoid is the game where you move your paddle about at the bottom of the screen to bounce a ball into - and break - blocks above you.

The DS rethink has 140 levels to smash, extra modes to introduce stage-specific rules, plus customisable backgrounds, blocks and sound effects.

You can take on one or three of your friends over Wi-Fi, as well as share from a single cart locally. Also, high-score tables. Brilliant.

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