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Heavy Weapon and Zuma PS2-bound

Second PopCap compilation for US.

PopCap Games is lining up a second PS2 double-pack for release in North America - this one featuring Heavy Weapon and Zuma.

The release - PopCap Hits Volume 2 - is due out for USD 19.95 in June and follows on from Volume 1 [astonishing - Ed], which offered Bejeweled 2 and AstroPop.

The names will sound familiar, of course, because all of these have appeared elsewhere - some on PC, with Heavy Weapon and Zuma among PopCap's "most successful" Xbox Live Arcade releases according to the company's vp of platforms Greg Canessa.

Zuma is a puzzle game where coloured balls snake around the screen and you have to fire additional balls from the centre to try and form same-coloured clusters of a three or more, which then disappear.

There are explosive ball modifiers and slowdown balls too, which you'll need to take advantage of because otherwise the balls will gradually snake the whole way round to your cannon and it will be Game Over.

Heavy Weapon, meanwhile, is a side-scrolling shooter with dual-analogue stick controls where you fire at a procession of ground-based and aerial enemies using increasingly violent means, even deploying the odd nuke. The PS2 version will feature multiplayer modes called Arms Race and War Party.

For more on those, you can check out our Heavy Weapon review and our Zuma Deluxe review based on the XBLA releases.

We've asked PopCap whether PopCap Hits Volume 2 (or 1, for that matter) will be released in Europe, but so far have no word back.

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