March 2022 Archive

    1. Adorable dinosaur park sim Parkasaurus is going aquatic in new Sea Monsters DLC
    2. Looks like Minecraft is finally getting raytracing on Xbox Series X/S
    3. E3's digital event now officially ditched following cancellation of in-person show
    4. Hyper Light Drifter is getting a fully 3D rogue-lite follow-up with online co-op
    5. Microsoft reportedly launching an Xbox Game Pass family plan later this year
    6. Bloodstained is getting a Child of Light crossover for its final playable character
    7. Save £45 on the SteelSeries Arctis 7P+ wireless headset
    8. Eurogamer Newscast: Is PlayStation Plus Premium a Game Pass killer?
    9. Death Stranding: Director's Cut - still impressive on PC, but upgrades are thin on the ground
    10. Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt's battle royale gets full launch this April
    11. Pokémon Go Fest 2022 includes both global and unique city events
    12. Warhammer 40,000 Darktide has a release date
    13. Neon White is an anime speedrunner full of camp, cards, and colour
    14. Firesprite working on new AAA horror game
    15. Intel Arc graphics launch in laptops, first performance figures revealed
    16. Superfuse is an evil genius' lab for splicing bizarre skills together
    17. Fortnite sued over old dance emote
    18. Earthworm Jim 2 comes to Nintendo Switch Online
    19. Weird West review - almost, but not quite, a Dishonored CRPG
    20. Nintendo shows Mii characters in Nintendo Switch Sports
    21. Fallout TV adaptation adds Ella Purnell to its cast
    22. Guerrilla releases another Horizon Forbidden West patch
    23. Get an Xbox Series S bundled with a second controller and a Razer Kishi for under £290
    24. Save over £300 on Gaming Laptops in the CCL spring sale
    25. Fallout writer Scott Bennie dies
    26. It's potboy vs lobster in this Elden Ring Tekken mod
    27. Curious class-action lawsuit may see kids suing Nintendo
    28. Russian studio behind Loop Hero encourages players to pirate game due to sanctions
    29. City Wars: Tokyo Reign is a wonderfully brutal slice of cyberpunk
    30. Microsoft reinstates direct Twitter sharing feature on Xbox consoles in latest Insider beta
    1. Dead Cells gets new money themed biome in its big free Break the Bank update
    2. The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe finally gets a release date - and of course it's 427
    3. The PS Plus lineup for April has leaked
    4. Anno 1800's fourth season of DLC promises airplanes, agricultural revolution, and more
    5. Persona 5 is being removed from PS5's PlayStation Plus Collection in May
    6. Warzone best Armaguerra 43 loadout, class setup and how to unlock the Armaguerra 43
    7. Vanguard Royale meta: The best weapons for Warzone's Vanguard Royale meta
    8. Innocn 15K1F portable OLED monitor: the Digital Foundry tech review
    9. Sony exec Jim Ryan believes live service games will dominate over subscriptions
    10. Norco review - a shifting, mesmerising tale of the future
    11. Master Chief removes helmet in Halo TV series to show his human side, says 343 Industries
    12. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year Edition Deluxe headlines April's Prime Gaming lineup
    13. Bill Clinton immortalised in Guilty Gear Strive's new Digital Figure mode
    14. Letter from the editor: What happens when you fall out of love with games?
    15. Letter from the editor: The trouble with review season
    16. Sonic the Hedgehog films won't follow the same order as the games
    17. Black streamers and Color of Change demand #TwitchDoBetter
    18. Call of Duty: Warzone map rotation isn't possible due to "crazy" install sizes
    19. Sony insists quality of first-party games would suffer if they launched day one in new PS Plus
    20. Steam payments suspended for Ukrainian developers, but Valve says it's for technical reasons
    21. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart lead writer claims work has been "erased"
    22. Wattam developer Funomena reportedly closing following allegations of workplace abuse
    23. Cursed to Golf is golf in purgatory
    24. Golfie is a deckbuilding golf game, and it all makes sense
    25. Playing Crusader Kings 3 on console: a bit unwieldy but it works
    1. Judge "prepared to approve" Activision Blizzard's $18m sexual harassment settlement with EEOC
    2. Capybara, platypus, and more coming to Planet Zoo in new Wetlands DLC
    3. Acclaimed tidy-'em-up puzzler Unpacking is heading to PlayStation 4 and PS5 "soon"
    4. April's Xbox Games With Gold include Hue, Another Sight, and MX vs ATV Alive
    5. New Elden Ring mod adds a transmog system
    6. Fortnite Battle Bus Plans locations: Where to recover the missing Battle Bus Plans in Fortnite explained
    7. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 delayed until Spring 2023
    8. Double discounts on the stunning LG C1 TV at Currys
    9. Epic launches Fortnite Zero Build mode
    10. Sony's response to Game Pass is both confident and conservative
    11. Dead by Daylight board game due for Halloween
    12. Bloodborne Kart gameplay revealed
    13. Oscar nominated actress Jessie Buckley joins Supermassive's The Devil in Me
    14. Sony's overhauled PS Plus service launches in June
    15. Rift Apart's Rivet was originally going to be called Ratchet as well
    16. Apex Legends comes to PS5 and Xbox Series X today
    17. A Memoir Blue is an engaging and emotional visual novel
    18. Uncharted: Fortune Hunter is shutting down
    19. New Sonic the Hedgehog 2 film is part of a cinematic universe
    20. Bungie files lawsuit against individuals behind false Destiny copyright takedowns
    21. Forspoken devs are listening to feedback following game's delay
    22. Elden Ring may have initially had a bestiary
    23. Off Topic: Chopped and one of the secrets of creativity
    1. Warframe is celebrating its 9th anniversary with five weeks of in-game rewards
    2. One Piece Odyssey RPG heading to PlayStation, Xbox, and PC later this year
    3. Death Stranding walkthrough and guide to completing deliveries in the post-apocalypse
    4. Halo Infinite weekly challenges: How to complete, swap and earn rewards from Weekly Challenges in Halo Infinite
    5. DF Direct Weekly talks Witcher UE5, PlayStation 5 VRR and FSR 2.0
    6. Save big on this entry-level Acer gaming laptop bundle from Amazon
    7. Fortnite Malfunctioning Vending Machine locations: Purchase a random item for a Malfunction Vending Machine in Fortnite
    8. Weather in Fortnite: Tornadoes and Lightning explained
    9. Fortnite Telescope locations: How to destroy and collect telescope parts in a single match
    10. Fortnite workshop locations: Where to dance for three seconds at Crackshot's Cabin and Sgt. Winter's Workshop
    11. Fortnite: Collect Toy Biplanes at Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove or Sleep Sound locations
    12. Elden Ring speedrunner back on top with first run under 20 minutes
    13. Fortnite Klombo locations: Where to find Klomberries and how to feed Klomberries to a Klombo in Fortnite
    14. Fortnite: Warm yourself at the Yule Log in the Cozy Lodge location explained
    15. Fortnite COG tags locations: How to collect COG tags in Fortnite
    16. Fortnite Device locations: How to discover the device in Fortnite
    17. Fortnite Chapter 3 Battle Pass skins, including Shanta, Ronin, Haven, Gumbo and Spider-Man
    18. Fortnite The Foundation skin: How to unlock The Foundation explained
    19. Fortnite Mighty Monument, Seven Outpost and Sanctuary locations
    20. Elden Ring player goes on mech suit rampage
    21. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is "important milestone" in the series' history
    22. New Knack trademark filed by Sony
    23. Save nearly 50 per cent on SteelSeries' Prime and Prime Mini wireless mice
    24. Vampire Survivors to receive wealth of new content in its full release
    25. Kirby and the Forgotten Land is biggest series launch in UK history
    26. Sons of the Forest has been delayed
    27. Apple could be forced to allow app sideloading under new EU law
    28. Coffee Talk creator Fahmi has passed away
    29. Kirby and the Forgotten Land for Nintendo Switch is out now
    30. Bioshock Infinite gets a wave of PC updates
    31. Pokémon Go Masterwork Research Apex quest steps and rewards: How to get Apex Shadow Ho-Oh and Apex Shadow Lugia
    32. Patrick's Parabox review - a minimalist puzzler of beautiful recursive depth
    1. Among Us servers are down in North America and Europe following DDoS attacks
    2. Ghostwire: Tokyo on PC debuts impressive new DLSS competitor
    3. Here's a new trailer for "cosmic horror" Quantum Error
    4. A new Horizon Open progression system is coming to Forza Horizon 5
    5. Valve wants your feedback on its "verified" games process
    6. Unearthing Bit Generations, Nintendo's long lost coffee table games.
    7. Here's what's coming to PUBG in 2022
    8. ID@Xbox has generated £1.8bn for indie developers
    9. Halo TV show sets a new viewership record for Paramount+
    1. How Unpacking's art combines beauty with clarity
    2. Real-life Halo boots are here but only 117 pairs have been made
    3. Amazon Games boss Mike ​Frazzini has stepped down
    4. Humble Bundle's Stand with Ukraine bundle has raised over £15 million
    5. Ghostwire: Tokyo has up to 10 graphics modes - so which is best?
    6. EA is reportedly rebranding its FIFA franchise as "EA Sports Football Club"
    7. Netflix acquires Boss Fight Entertainment, its third gaming studio acquisition in six months
    8. Valve's next Next Fest will be in June
    9. Konami's PvP mystery game, Crimesight, is out next month
    1. Ambitious Skyblivion modding project shows off 15 minutes of new in-game footage
    2. GTA Online getting $6-a-month subscription service for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S
    3. Sony reportedly unveiling Game-Pass-style PlayStation Plus overhaul "as early as next week"
    4. These 4K JVC Fire TVs have £80 off right now
    5. Microsoft's Phil Spencer insists Xbox game sales remain important even as Game Pass takes over
    6. Grand Theft Auto 5: how do PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X compare?
    7. Elden Ring speedrun record beaten once again, now under 25 minutes
    8. Save up to £800 on this stunning Sony Bravia A90J 4K TV
    9. Total War: Warhammer is Epic's next free game
    10. Master Chief's face revealed in Paramount's Halo TV series
    11. Where to buy Tiny Tina's Wonderlands: editions, price and more
    12. Where to buy Ghostwire Tokyo including price, editions and more
    13. Stranger of Paradise is fourth lowest launch for a Final Fantasy spin-off in Japan
    14. It's official - Bloodborne Kart is coming
    15. UK teen accused of leading cyber attacks on Microsoft and Nvidia
    16. Jamie Lee Curtis will be donning a World of Warcraft cosplay for daughter's wedding
    17. Older PlayStation games heading to PC is a win for accessibility
    18. Gran Turismo 7 players get a million free credits and ability to sell cars as Sony addresses troubled launch
    19. Elden Ring glitch lets players shoot invisible magic - and it's ruining PvP
    20. Dorfromantik will leave Early Access for full release in April
    21. Shinji Mikami wants his Ghostwire: Tokyo studio to be known for more than just horror
    22. Microsoft won't block unionisation efforts at Activision Blizzard
    23. What we've been playing
    24. Super Mario 64 guidebook scans hit with takedown notice
    25. New Witcher game release date expectations, Lynx School teaser and everything else we know so far
    26. How The Witcher's School of the Lynx fan authors came up with new lore
    27. Elden Ring Grand Lift of Dectus location, where to find Dectus Medallion left and right halves
    28. How to buy Smithing Stones with Bell Bearing locations in Elden Ring
    29. Tiny Tina's Wonderland class tips: How to choose the best stats, Character Background, Hero Points and Multiclass
    1. Lego Bricktales is a new diorama-based puzzler from the Bridge Constructor team
    2. Activision Blizzard faces fresh allegations of sexual harassment and discrimination in new lawsuit
    3. Intellivison's troubled Amico gets official unboxing but still no hint of a release date
    4. Yakuza spin-off Lost Judgment and Far Cry 6 are free to play on Xbox this weekend
    5. Flight Simulator's latest update gives Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar, and Andorra the makeover treatment
    6. CD Projekt Red confirms new Witcher medallion is a lynx
    7. Elden Ring Elden Beast tips and strategy
    8. Elden Ring Radagon of the Golden Order tips and strategy
    9. Looks like Fortnite's "no building" mode will become permanent
    10. Ready up Spartans, Halo starts streaming today
    11. PS5 game capture auto-upload now available in the UK
    12. Niantic uses Pokémon GO to encourage blood donations in Japan
    13. Leaked The Last of Us TV show images give first look at Sam and Henry
    14. 10 Moments That Made World of Warcraft
    15. Elden Ring: The best rune farming spots and locations
    16. Our picks for the best weapons in Elden Ring
    17. Elden Ring Irina quest, Castle Morne location and how to deliver the letter to father Edgar
    18. Elden Ring summons: The best summon spirits and spirit locations in Elden Ring
    19. Elden Ring Tibia Mariner tips and strategy
    20. Elden Ring Keepsake: What is the best Keepsake starting item in Elden Ring?
    21. Elden Ring Beastman of Farum Azula tips and strategy
    22. Elden Ring Tree Sentinel cheese, tips and strategies
    23. Elden Ring horse location: How to unlock the horse Torrent in Elden Ring
    24. Elden Ring Golden Seed locations
    25. Elden Ring Sacred Tear locations
    26. Elden Ring best Crystal Tears explained
    27. Elden Ring Third Church of Marika location to get the Flask of Wondrous Physick
    28. Elden Ring Fire Giant tips and strategy
    29. Elden Ring Draconic Tree Sentinel tips and strategy
    30. Elden Ring Morgott the Omen King tips and strategy
    31. Elden Ring Red Wolf of Radagon tips and strategy
    32. Elden Ring Crystalian tips and strategy
    33. Elden Ring Godfrey the First Elden Lord tips and strategy
    34. Elden Ring Renalla Queen of the Full Moon tips and strategy
    35. Request 66 'The Sea's Legend' and how to get Manaphy in Pokémon Legends Arceus
    36. Card autobattler Storybook Brawl review-bombed for NFT integration
    37. Fortnite Cloaked IO Build Jammer location
    38. Save up to 90% on PC games in Green Man Gaming's March sale
    39. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin modders are making everyone bald for better performance
    40. Returnal's free Ascension update finally gives us a reason to go back
    41. Nintendo considered Kirby too round for 3D platform games before developing the Forgotten Land
    42. Ghostwire: Tokyo review - striking folklore inspirations don't quite meet their potential
    43. Ukraine developer Frogwares announces DLC for Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One
    44. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax taught us how to fight in real life!
    45. Rare 3DS Barbie game sells for an astonishing $1600
    46. Metal Gear Solid filmmakers are "searching like Solid Snake" for story, says Oscar Isaac
    47. DICE learned "valuable lessons" from Battlefield 2042 release
    48. AMD's FSR 2.0 upscaling tech heads to Xbox
    49. Amazon and Smilegate would "consider" Lost Ark console port
    50. Can I Play That? helped me see this industry more inclusively
    51. Someone should make a game about: Deafness
    52. Kickstarter CEO steps down but transition to blockchain will continue
    53. Latest Elden Ring patch targets hacker exploit ruining PC players' saves
    54. Aztech Forgotten Gods wants to do huge things
    1. There's a League of Legends novel on the way
    2. Is Unreal Engine 5 really the best choice for the next Witcher game?
    3. CD Projekt's new Witcher game director speaks out on crunch
    4. EA has "suspended" Diego Maradona from FIFA 22
    5. The Last of Us Part 2 video shows off Naughty Dog's small details you may have missed
    6. Rocksteady's Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League delayed to 2023
    7. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands review - happy vibes and hodgepodge design
    8. Kirby and the Forgotten Land: a tech design revolution for the series
    9. BAFTA Game Awards launches Games Challenge with Black Twitch UK
    10. The Witcher speculation grows as CDPR appears to give sly nod to School of the Lynx fan project
    11. Stalker 2 developer reportedly moving to Prague to finish game
    12. PlayStation 5 owners report online issues following system update
    13. Kirby and the Forgotten Land review - a mouthful of magic
    14. Far Cry 6 Stranger Things DLC crossover launches tomorrow
    15. PlayStation 5 finally gets VRR support in "coming months"
    16. Celeste fully completed without dying
    17. The Nintendo Wii and DSi Shop channels have been offline for days
    18. Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin review - a trashy Soulslike that packs surprising depth
    19. Minecraft replacing beta programme with more convenient standalone Preview app
    1. EA delays its new "next generation" PGA Tour game by a year
    2. Summer Games Done Quick returns with in-person charity speedrun event this June
    3. Huge Apex Legends leak seemingly reveals next 9 seasons' worth of unannounced heroes
    4. Warzone Season 2 Reloaded release time in UK / GMT, CEST, EDT and PDT
    5. Xbox Sonic the Hedgehog giveaway includes furry controllers
    6. Elden Ring Hoarah Loux tips and strategy
    7. Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed offers 4v1 co-op
    8. Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.52 fixes dozens more bugs
    9. Gran Turismo 7 credits farming and how to get easy credits fast
    10. Pokémon Go An Akala Adventure quest steps and rewards explained
    11. Pokemon Go Lush Jungle event quest steps, research tasks and spawns explained
    12. How to get Fomantis and evolution Lurantis in Pokémon Go
    13. Gran Turismo 7 fan creates credit-farming exploit
    14. Gran Turismo now has the lowest Metacritic user score of any Sony game ever
    15. Mass Effect director Casey Hudson developing "all-new science-fiction universe"
    16. Nintendo shutting down another mobile game
    17. Nintendo Switch finally has folders
    18. Off Topic: The hidden world of running Segments
    19. Sea of Thieves' next limited-time adventure Forts of the Forgotten starts Thursday
    20. Elden Ring Godskin Duo tips and strategy
    1. Ubisoft reportedly working on Immortals Fenyx Rising sequel, new Prince of Persia
    2. Dying Light 1's next-gen upgrade patch is now available on Xbox Series X/S
    3. George R. R. Martin insists, no, he didn't name Elden Ring's bosses after his initials
    4. Godfall is heading to Xbox and Steam in April
    5. CD Projekt confirms new The Witcher game in development
    6. Starship Troopers: Terran Command now launches in June
    7. PlayStation buying Jade Raymond's Haven Studios
    8. Report details how emotional abuse at indie studios undermines importance of auteurs
    9. DF Direct Weekly on Elden Ring 1.03 Xbox perf boosts, FSR 2.0 and GT7 online DRM
    10. This 12GB Radeon RX 6700 XT graphics card is available at Scan
    11. Sierra founders remaking Colossal Cave Adventure
    12. Epic will donate all Fortnite proceeds over the next two weeks to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine
    13. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is a fan-pleasing if familiar tale
    14. Metroid Dread third highest-selling game in series
    15. Guilty Gear Strive getting second character pass and crossplay
    16. Putting wheelchairs in D&D, and seeing Witcher Geralt's disability
    17. Podcast: Sixteen Horses author and No Man's Sky writer Greg Buchanan
    18. Witcher 3 secret confirmed after seven years
    19. Ori and the Blind Forest developer accused of mismanagement
    20. Bungie "aware" of Destiny fan video takedowns
    21. Bundle for Ukraine now live on
    22. Rating Elden Ring and the Souls games by their poison swamps
    23. Invaders are hacking the saves of Elden Ring players on PC
    1. Netflix announces new Tekken anime series
    2. Fortnite temporarily removes building from its new season
    3. Here's how you can stream Xbox Game Pass games on Steam Deck
    4. Nine pieces of Treasure
    1. Street Fighter 5's "definitive update" drops later this month
    2. Final Fantasy 14's next Letter from the Producer Live will be on April Fool's Day
    3. Warzone's Rebirth Island is getting a "facelift" next week
    4. There are "no plans" to scale back development on Babylon's Fall
    5. There's an illusory wall in Elden Ring that requires 50 strikes
    6. Bandai Namco Mobile trials a four-day working week
    7. Stand With Ukraine Humble Bundle has already raised over £3 million for charity
    1. Amazon outlines New World's 2022 in new development roadmap
    2. Overwatch 2 closed beta begins 26th April
    3. Humble's Stand With Ukraine bundle includes Back 4 Blood, Metro: Exodus, Spyro, more
    4. Here's a quartet of great action RPGs in the GOG weekend sale
    5. Grand Theft Auto 5's 'next-gen' upgrade is the best version yet - but it could have been better
    6. Ubisoft is getting into cloud computing to make its open worlds even bigger
    7. Devotion and Detention dev's "Taopunk" action-platformer Nine Sols gets first trailer
    8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe's excellent new tracks prove the original is still the best
    9. Gran Turismo 7's troubled update ramps up the grind
    10. Microsoft removing direct Twitter sharing feature from Xbox consoles
    11. Triangle Strategy sells 800k globally in two weeks
    12. Black-and-white samurai curio Trek to Yomi is off to an underwhelming start
    13. Tunic tips for beginners
    14. Here's when you can start playing Mario Kart 8's first DLC tracks
    15. Mario Kart 8 guide: Tips, tricks and everything you need to know about the Deluxe edition on Switch
    16. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe amiibo list for every Mii racing suit costume
    17. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe unlockables list
    18. How to unlock Gold Mario and Gold kart parts in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    19. Gran Turismo 7 review bombed as extended maintenance drags on
    20. Lost Ark devs address growing concerns of pay-to-win gameplay
    21. Elden Ring's NPCs unmasked
    22. Roller Champions release delayed to "late spring"
    23. A Plague Tale is being turned into a TV series
    24. The Nintendo Switch is under £230 at The Game Collection
    25. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fans debate datamined course details
    26. Ride Thomas the Tank Engine in Elden Ring
    27. What we've been playing
    28. Square Enix addresses Chocobo GP issues following fan complaints
    29. Speedrunners react to latest Elden Ring update
    30. Eurogamer Newscast: What might an Elden Ring franchise look like?
    1. Norwood Suite dev's Betrayal At Club Low is a dice-chucking delve into a deadly nightclub
    2. Apex Legends Mobile getting full launch on iOS and Android this "summer"
    3. Here's everything that got an airing in Microsoft's latest Xbox indie showcase
    4. Netflix's live-action Resident Evil series arrives in July
    5. Stadia now has "Click to Play" demos available without an account
    6. Gran Turismo 7 offline due to patch 1.07 "issue"
    7. Elden Ring best Talismans and how to get more Talisman slots
    8. PS5 bundles are in stock now at Currys
    9. Supermassive Games' The Quarry has its full, horrifying reveal ahead of June release
    10. Here's everything shown in the Humble Games showcase
    11. Here's a new teaser for Dragon Age creator David Gaider's RPG musical Stray Gods
    12. Nearly a decade on, acclaimed heist caper Monaco is getting a sequel
    13. Apparently, that Chevy Tahoe in Paramount's Halo trailer was meant to be there
    14. Onde is definitely this year's best bubble riding music game
    15. Moss: Book 2 launches later this month
    16. Discounted GTA5 for PS5 unavailable via PlayStation webstore
    17. The reason behind Waluigi's infamous crotch-centric Mario Strikers celebration
    18. Frostpunk 2 developer denies Steam release date leak
    19. EA removes Russian and Belarusian teams from esports leagues
    20. Doctor Who is coming to Fortnite, but not as you'd expect
    21. Elden Ring patch adds NPC markers to map
    22. Ubisoft drops Tom Clancy's name from XDefiant
    23. Her Story and Telling Lies dev's "investigative horror" Immortality gets first proper reveal
    24. Elden Ring players discover underwear cut from final game
    25. PlayStation gender discrimination lawsuit grows, as eight more women share experiences
    26. One of Treasure's finest just made its way to Nintendo Switch Online
    1. PlayStation owners will need to redownload Fall Guys soon
    2. How Valve fixed Elden Ring on Steam Deck
    3. Foxy action-adventure Tunic is heading to Game Pass today
    4. Supermassive Games teases The Quarry, with full reveal coming tomorrow
    5. Sniper Elite 5 release date confirmed
    6. Here's an extended look at Returnal's Tower of Sisyphus
    7. The Sims 4 gives its world more autonomy in surprise new Neighbourhood Stories update
    8. Returnal, It Takes Two lead 2022 BAFTA Awards nominations
    9. Starfield designed "to allow every player to create their own story"
    10. Commonwealth Esports Championships' games confirmed, with Konami's eFootball kicking things off
    11. Former Dragon Age boss making "ambitious new action RPG"
    12. Borderlands 3 PlayStation crossplay confirmed in year-late U-turn
    13. Another new Horizon Forbidden West patch has been released
    14. Wordle Archive site taken down by The New York Times
    15. Elden Ring mod pits bosses against each other
    16. Redout 2 trailer shows off glorious high-speed racing
    17. Tencent acquires majority ownership of Tequila Works, developer of Rime
    18. Pokémon Legends Arceus Pokédex: All Pokémon locations in the Hisui Pokédex listed
    19. Free Chorus update adds ray-tracing to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X
    20. Diablo 2: Resurrected free trial available on Xbox
    21. Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl walkthrough
    22. How to get Arceus in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl explained
    23. Here's the best deals in March 2022
    24. Resident Evil 2, 3 and 7 coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S
    25. Elden Ring described as start of a "new franchise", following enormous 12m sales milestone
    26. Pokémon Legends' Arceus is coming to Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl
    27. Get 15 per cent off when you pre-order Kirby and the Forgotten Land at Currys
    28. Warframe's Angels of the Zariman update out April, adds customisable space apartments
    1. Rockstar investigating GTA Online PS5 and Xbox Series X/S profile migration issue
    2. EA won't be holding its annual EA Play Live event this year
    3. Assassin's Creed Ezio Collection on Nintendo Switch isn't a bad port - but it could have been better
    4. Square Enix donates $500k to UN's Ukraine refugee fund
    5. Elden Ring is Europe's biggest new game franchise launch since The Division
    6. GTA 5 save transfer: How to transfer GTA 5 save data from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox One to Xbox Series X / S explained
    7. Microsoft's Perfect Dark studio has lost numerous key staff over past year
    8. Monster Hunter Rise's Sunbreak expansion gets June release date on PC and Switch
    9. Super Mario 64's charming 3D guidebook now uploaded online for everyone to enjoy
    10. Dr Disrespect-backed game developer selling early access NFTs
    11. Elden Ring's first major boss defeated by 70% of players
    12. March's next Xbox Game Pass titles detailed
    13. Elden Ring boss' horse has a name you might not expect
    14. Dark Souls completed using nothing but poop
    15. The Sims 4's next bite-sized Kit DLC is an ode to decorating maximalism
    16. GTA 5 arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series S|X: a roundup of pieces to read
    17. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC now available to pre-load
    18. Easy and hard mode mods available in Elden Ring
    19. The Crew 2 will get PS5 and Xbox Series X versions
    20. Sifu mods let you live your Matrix fantasy
    21. Grand Theft Auto 5 is so much more than its misanthropy
    22. The best Steam Deck accessories and games deals
    23. Pokémon Go Oricorio forms: How to get Oricorio and Oricorio's forms explained
    24. Off-topic: In praise of praise
    25. Here's our best look yet at Sonic the Hedgehog 2
    1. Babylon's Fall launches survey in a bid to "bring everyone an even better game"
    2. Kirby's getting a 30th anniversary live concert later this year
    3. Indie dev gets review bombed on Steam after slipping anti-mask rhetoric in patch notes
    4. AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution: the Digital Foundry interview
    5. Stalker 2 on hold, Ukraine-based developer confirms
    6. Pokémon has come to Crufts
    7. DF Direct Weekly: stuttering problems in PC games is getting out of control
    8. Riot Games invests heavily in animator of brilliant League of Legends show Arcane
    9. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is the killer crescendo players have been longing for
    10. Hogwarts Legacy State of Play set for Thursday
    11. The portable GameCube is now a real thing
    12. Second annual Video Game Accessibility Awards celebrates gaming accessibility
    13. Reggie Fils-Aimé unconvinced by Facebook's "current definition" of the metaverse
    14. Elden Ring hacker says he's a "necessary evil"
    15. Twitch responds to fresh wave of hate raids
    16. Windows drivers now available for Steam Deck
    17. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands will have full PlayStation crossplay, despite Borderlands 3 kerfuffle
    18. Elden Ring now completed in just 33 minutes
    19. Get a Nintendo Switch bundle with Pokemon Legends: Arceus at Game for under £290
    1. Riot wants to make League of Legends' "behavioural systems matter more"
    2. 343 Industries gives us a closer look at "Halo Infinite's ranked experience"
    3. Lost Ark players told to "avoid" its Tytalos raid as it's "not performing correctly"
    4. Warren Spector's OtherSide studio hasn't worked on System Shock 3 since 2019
    5. Elden Ring is a reminder that The Discourse is always the toughest enemy in a Souls game
    1. Bandai Namco to donate £650,000 to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine
    2. Perfect Dark director leaves The Initiative
    3. Shadow Warrior 3: a great game let down by frustrating technical issues
    4. Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment studio head David Polfeldt is "perfectly at peace" leaving Ubisoft
    5. Lost Ark team is still working to control the MMO's bot problem
    6. This Elden Ring fan created an iOS app to help players track quests
    7. Shiny Sandshrew, evolution chart, 100% perfect IV stats and Sandslash best moveset in Pokémon Go
    8. EA, Gearbox, and Microsoft protest "anti-LGBTQ+ efforts" in Texas
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    10. Why it's time for a Daredevil game
    1. Dead Space remake is launching "early" 2023
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    9. Save a huge 40 percent on a 240Hz monitor from Lenovo
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    11. Elite Dangerous console users prepare to retire their ships, following update cancellation news
    12. More than five years on, For Honor is getting crossplay
    13. Halo Infinite unsupported on Steam Deck due to anti-cheat
    14. Microsoft asks you to switch to Xbox's energy saver mode
    15. Elden Ring boss beaten with an actual banana
    16. Call of Duty: Warzone is coming to mobile
    17. Microsoft ID@Xbox Showcase set for next week
    18. What we've been playing
    19. Pokémon Go will suspend gameplay in Russia, Belarus
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    22. Dicebreaker Recommends: Jaipur, a mean, lean card game for two
    23. DrDisrespect settles legal dispute with Twitch over 2020 permanent ban
    24. Overwatch 2 closed beta launching next month, registrations now open
    25. Lost Ark's March update out now, adds limited-time racing event and first PvP season
    1. Super Nintendo World officially opening at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2023
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    4. Everything announced in Sony's PlayStation State of Play
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    19. Kyiv-based Survarium developer confirms work paused
    20. Russia may change laws to allow for software piracy
    21. Gearbox reveals Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Fortnite crossover
    22. PlayStation suspends digital sales in Russia, halts all hardware and software shipments
    23. Nintendo suspends Russian product shipments
    24. Looks like Google is working on bringing Windows games to Stadia
    25. Ubisoft opens Insider Programme for Skull & Bones
    1. Returnal getting campaign co-op and new survival mode in big free update
    2. Aperture Desk Job datamine points to Half-Life: Alyx follow-up, Portal project, more
    3. Capcom announces Exoprimal, a new squad-based multiplayer game with dinosaurs
    4. Square Enix announces new tactics game The DioField Chronicle
    5. Monster Hunter Rise 7-day trial launching for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers this week
    6. Evil Dead game lets you control Deadites and summon Mini-Ashes as Kandarian Demon
    7. PlayStation State of Play March 2022 live report
    8. PlayStation State of Play time in UK / GMT, CEST, EST and PST
    9. PC Building Simulator sequel due later this year
    10. This weekend's Pokémon Go Community Day has meetups across UK
    11. Moomin musical adventure Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalley looks lovely in first trailer
    12. Save hundreds on the Samsung QN90A Neo range of 4K TVs at Currys
    13. Stranger of Paradise demo leaks ahead of Sony State of Play
    14. Nintendo delays Advance Wars 1+2 Re-Boot Camp until further notice
    15. Elden Ring director felt anxious about the launch of the game
    16. EA's €10m Dutch FIFA loot box fine overturned
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    28. US probes possible insider trading in Activision Microsoft deal
    29. F-Zero X comes to Nintendo Switch Online with online multiplayer
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    31. There's no such thing as an Elden Ring cheese
    1. Star Trek: Resurgence shows off seven minutes of Spock-starring gameplay
    2. Monster Hunter Rise detailing Sunbreak expansion in 20-minute livestream next week
    3. Jurassic World Evolution 2's latest DLC adds dinos from Camp Cretaceous animated series
    4. Turns out you can pause Elden Ring without a mod
    5. Wes Eckhart of Novalogic, producer of Black Hawk Down
    6. Dying Light gets PS5 update, with Xbox Series X to follow
    7. Roguebook throws the book at card games and roguelites
    8. Disgaea 6 Complete gets its PlayStation 4, PS5 and PC release date
    9. PlayStation State of Play set for Wednesday
    10. PS5 Elden Ring's 60fps back-compat hack doesn't work on Xbox Series X
    11. Grand Theft Auto 5 half price for first three months on PS5, Xbox Series X/S
    12. Amazon addresses criticism of Lost Ark female representation
    13. EA stops selling Russia items in FIFA Ultimate Team
    14. Super Mario Strikers datamine reveals unused team of "generic Mario style humans"
    15. Mouse and keyboard support coming to Xbox Cloud Gaming
    16. Nintendo Switch OLED screen undergoes 3600-hour burn-in test
    17. Man who used Covid relief funds to buy rare Pokémon card sent to prison
    18. Gran Turismo 7's multiplayer has a bit of a problem right now
    19. Mandarin voiceover added to Sifu
    20. World of Warcraft mobile game to be unveiled in May
    21. Amazon Games' MMO Lost Ark passes 20m players
    22. Off-Topic: The irresistible Australian Survivor
    1. Amazon reportedly eyeing up God of War live-action television adaptation
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    3. Battlefield 2042's delayed scoreboard UI refresh update arrives tomorrow
    4. Dead Space remake gets another airing in new dev livestream this Friday
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    6. Humble's Best of Boomer Shooters bundle is packed with fantastic 90s inspired FPS games
    7. Frontier Developments' first licensed racing game is F1 Manager 2022
    8. The story of Heaven's Vault maker Inkle
    9. Mandalorian and Baby Yoda character DLC coming to Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga
    10. Forspoken delayed until October 2022
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    16. The Games of The Show
    17. Doom designer creates new level to support Ukraine
    18. Lawsuit filed against Take-Two for loot boxes in NBA 2K
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    22. Grow: Song of the Evertree is a surprisingly expansive fairy tale
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    1. Nvidia hackers have now targeted Samsung
    2. Survey reveals Mario Party Superstars DLC may be on the way
    3. Halo Infinite's multiplayer lead leaves 343 Industries
    4. Epic Games suspends sales in Russia but keeps communication tools online
    5. Elden Ring is Steam's sixth-biggest game ever according to concurrent player count
    6. A Gotham Knights beta was briefly public on Steam
    7. Lost Ark bans over a million bot accounts, reducing server waiting times
    8. The legacy and potential of Nintendo's forgotten rhythm game, Band Brothers
    1. Activision Blizzard suspends new sales "of and in" its games in Russia
    2. Next Level Games president and co-founder, Douglas Tronsgard, announces retirement
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    30. What we've been playing
    31. Steam Deck Nintendo emulation videos are disappearing from YouTube
    1. Acclaimed cosmic jazz adventure Genesis Noir adds three new levels in free update
    2. Little Big Adventure 1 & 2 being refreshed with cloud saves, controller support, more
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