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No LEGO Indy demo for UK Indy DVDs

Lucasfilm says there's one for Region 1.

Paramount and Lucasfilm are reportedly set to include a LEGO Indiana Jones demo with upcoming special edition Region 1 DVD releases of the Indiana Jones films.

However, Activision - LucasArts' UK distributor - told Eurogamer it was "pretty certain there won't be [playable] demos for the UK re-releases", although there is a trailer.

Then again, we're not even sure if the US DVDs feature a proper demo. Out on 13th May as single-film discs and a new re-mastered boxed set, they promise "Lego Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures Game Demo and Trailer".

However, as we learnt from the Resident Evil: Extinction Blu-ray fiasco, the movie world's use of the word "demo" can be misleading.

If it is a proper demo though, expect a mad scramble to upload it to the Internet - assuming it's PC - on or around the 13th May US DVD releases.

Or perhaps it will be released more widely beforehand. The game itself is due out on 3rd June in Americaland for seven platforms: PS3, 360, PS2, DS, PSP, PC and Wii.

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LEGO Indiana Jones

PS3, Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii, PSP, PC, Nintendo DS

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