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Join the Empire of Sports

2000 pairs of launch keys to give away.

To celebrate the launch of Eurogamer's MMO channel, we've teamed up with the developers of massively multiplayer sports game Empire of Sports to offer 2000 pairs of keys to the game's Private Launch phase.

Empire of Sports is the free-to-download sports MMO being developed in Paris by F4, with backing from InFront Sports and Media. It combines tennis, athletics, ski, bobsleigh, and training games with cities to shop and soclalisie in, as well as full multiplayer games of football and basketball. Your character's strengths and skills develop appropriately as you play and train.

Football and basketball are still in beta, but the rest of the game is looking pretty polished right now. This is a chance for you and a friend to get in early and see how Empire of Sports is shaping up - and also to help F4 test the game ahead of release.

Empire of Sports is an interesting proposition, as Kieron found out last year. It's also a decidedly original concept for an MMO. Head over to the giveaway page for an opportunity to check it out for yourself.

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Empire of Sports


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