Empire of Sports

Empire of Sports

It's got a sporting chance.

Empire of Sports is the Eurovision Song Contest of massively multiplayer gaming. It's brash, colourful, competitive, plastic, repetitive, and curiously addictive; it's cheap but glossy, shallow but expansive, cheesy but endearingly earnest.

Join the Empire of Sports

2000 pairs of launch keys to give away.

To celebrate the launch of Eurogamer's MMO channel, we've teamed up with the developers of massively multiplayer sports game Empire of Sports to offer 2000 pairs of keys to the game's Private Launch phase.

Empire of Sports

A new kind of MMO racquet?

You knew that, eventually, it was coming. Perhaps the only surprise is that it came from a relatively obscure French team rather than one of the mega-publishers. You'd have thought that - say - Electronic Arts would have figured that getting paid twelve times a year may be a better bet than getting paid once for an update. But no. It's developers F4 - in a joint venture with the financial muscle of Sports Marketing company Infronts - who have had a crack.

Empire of Sports goes beta

Empire of Sports goes beta

Full game due in early 2008.

French developer F4's upcoming Empire of Sports MMORPG has gone into closed beta, allowing selected players to try out its various sporting simulations and the world around them.

EoS sees players roll sports-people rather than warriors and train to compete online against others in tennis, basketball, skiing, bobsleigh and track and field, with football (soccer) launching soon.

Apart from the actual doing-of-sport, players will travel between various cities, meet with coaches, form groups and teams, customise their avatars and of course train to become better. It's also important to watch what you eat. And in the game.

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