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October 2009 Archive

    1. EG Expo 2009: Valve's Chet Faliszek
    2. EG Expo 2009 London queue heroes
    3. EG Expo 2009: Surprise Splinter Cell demo
    4. EG Expo 2009: Quantic Dream's David Cage
    5. Cage defends Heavy Rain's mature content
    1. Voice of Mario attends EG Expo 2009
    2. First DJ Hero DLC revealed
    3. Quantic Dream and Valve live text on Sat
    4. Star Trek Online
    5. PS3 sales up compared to last year
    6. EG Expo 2009: 2000 in one hour
    7. Black Rock shows Split/Second Docks
    8. DJ Hero
    9. Disney Epic Mickey
    10. LIT headlines WiiWare update
    11. London EG Expo queuer bags PSPgo
    12. New PAL Releases Roundup
    13. Changes planned for 1 vs. 100 Season 2
    14. Wallace & Gromit coming to XBLA
    15. 1m characters created in Champs Online
    16. EG Expo 2009: Exhibitor vox pops
    17. Wii Resi Zero due out in January
    18. Iwata explains sagging Wii sales
    19. SEGA dates Bayonetta for Europe
    20. Red Steel 2
    21. Eurogamer Expo hits London!
    1. Left 4 Dead 2 demo performance analysis
    2. BioShock 2
    3. 2K Marin's Jordan Thomas
    4. Blu-ray District 9 GOWIII demo US-only
    5. SOCOM Fireteam 3 dateless in Europe
    6. More AOC subs "initiatives" in pipeline
    7. Team17 reveals Alien Breed structure
    8. New WOW dungeon system detailed
    9. Big-screen DSi coming to Europe too
    10. Painkiller Resurrection released on PC
    11. JAW dates Gravity Crash for PSN
    12. Nintendo unveils big-screen DSi
    13. Around 140 million PS2s now sold
    14. Xbox Avatar accessory unlocks in L4D2?
    15. Disney officially unveils Epic Mickey
    16. MW2 will "evoke terrorism atrocities"
    17. Xbox Live gets new update
    18. Jagex cans MechScape at enormous cost
    19. Sky Player issues down to "demand"
    20. Is Rockstar teasing the next GTA?
    1. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony review
    2. Darwinia+ out "next side of Christmas"
    3. Monster Hunter Tri
    4. Mario shows up at Eurogamer Expo 2009
    5. EG Expo 2009: Same man fronts queue
    6. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
    7. BioWare details ambitious social network
    8. Torchlight demo released on Steam
    9. Ultima Online doing better than new MMOs
    10. Witcher half-price on Steam for a day
    11. Tories criticise UK gov support for games
    12. GOW Collection US date, Trophy list
    13. Shocking MW2 footage leaked
    14. Spirit Tracks train is upgradeable
    15. Left 4 Dead 2 pre-order demo on Live
    16. Sky Player suspended on Xbox Live
    17. EG Expo attracts UK soap stars
    18. Wedgwood backs the Eurogamer Expo
    19. Heavy Rain
    1. Dante's Inferno
    2. Brink has dedicated servers on PC
    3. DSi-only Ghostwire announced
    4. Borderlands bug strips players of skills
    5. Brütal Legend DLC next week
    6. Eurogamer frolics with NSMB Wii
    7. Cecil working with Gibbons on new game
    8. EG Expo 2009: 1000 people in first hour
    9. Assassin's Creed II
    10. Eurogamer Expo 2009 opens its doors!
    11. Battlefield keeping dedicated servers
    12. DDO Unlimited updates tomorrow
    13. Pricing announced for Sky on Xbox 360
    14. Daltrey stirs Rock Band Who talk
    15. COD:WAW map packs cheap this week
    16. Nintendo planning new DS this year?
    17. UNO coming to WiiWare and DSi
    18. Blue Toad Murder Files
    19. God of War III
    20. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. on sale this week
    21. Dead Space, DiRT on GoD today
    22. New Excitebike for WiiWare
    23. Rainbow Islands coming to XBLA
    24. Third-person confirmed for MW2
    1. Rockstar sponsors Movember charity
    2. Aliens vs. Predator
    3. The Lord of the Rings Online: Siege of Mirkwood
    4. Eurogamer Expo sessions detailed
    5. New Prinny, Shadow of Memories for PSP
    6. UK charts: PES 2010 overturns FIFA 10
    7. Spector was asked to "reinvent" Mickey
    8. MW2 picks Steamworks over GfW - Live
    9. Fat Princess gets patch and free map
    10. Left 4 Dead 2 Steam demo tomorrow
    11. PSP to get Monster Hunter spin-off
    12. Champions Online free this weekend
    13. Sony US signs Netflix deal for PS3
    14. Football Manager 2010
    1. Face-Off: Ninja Gaiden 2 vs. Sigma 2
    1. New Brain Training on DSiWare today
    2. Star Trek Online beams down to Expo
    3. Cities XL
    4. FFXI Ultimate Collection dated
    5. Football Manager 2010
    6. Gearbox keen to revisit Brothers in Arms
    7. Price Pressures
    8. Epic teases mysterious Unreal reveal
    9. Okamiden
    10. Fairytale Fights
    11. Uncharted 2 helps PS3 cause in Japan
    12. League of Legends open beta begins
    13. First LEGO Universe gameplay details
    14. PS3 Dragon Age: Origins dated
    15. No Blu-ray for Xbox 360, says Microsoft
    1. Spot Forza 3 Ferrari in London on Friday
    2. DiRT 2 PC dated for Europe
    3. GTA: Chinatown Wars on PSN today
    4. Lair
    5. Axel & Pixel
    6. THQ signs Ukranian shooter Metro 2033
    7. Avatar shapes up for December
    8. iPhone Roundup
    9. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    10. New PAL Releases Roundup
    11. Meier making Civilization for Facebook
    12. ChampMan 2010 for Mac in November
    13. COD: WAW maps net nearly $70m
    14. DF: Blu-ray makes no sense for Xbox 360
    15. Ballmer re-ignites 360 Blu-ray speculation
    16. EA: NFS series has sold more than 100m
    17. MMO S.U.N. rises around the world
    18. Fable III Natal support confirmed
    19. New Ratchet & Clank gets UK date
    1. Leicester Square to host MW2 launch
    2. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    3. OpFlash: Dragon Rising DLC this month
    4. Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
    5. London Resi Zombie Walk on Halloween
    6. DSi Speak Channel rumours emerge
    7. Wii Ambassador Promotion launches
    8. Gay Tony has sexy bits, says BBFC
    9. Namco Bandai announces Inversion
    10. Gran Turismo 5 to come on three discs?
    11. Earthworm Jim now available for iPhone
    12. Tons of Epic Mickey artwork revealed
    13. Infinity Ward defends MW2's IWNet
    14. Kane & Lynch film to star Bruce Willis
    15. Ghost Recon: Predator outed in Oz
    16. God of War III DLC plans revealed
    17. Lumines PSP unlikely to appear on PSN
    18. Next Wii to be smaller and cheaper?
    19. PSN update: Killzone 2 demo tops bill
    20. Natural Born Killer
    1. Spyborgs
    2. Rock Band available on App Store
    3. World of Goo experiment a "huge success"
    4. Black Wii for Europe next month
    5. Tech Analysis: Halo 3: ODST
    6. Darksiders arrives with the new year
    7. Sony declines to comment on Killzone 3
    8. Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to Deserve This?
    9. Halo Waypoint split into Intel, Career
    10. New Sakaguchi game in "final phase"
    11. NFS Nitro boosts to early November
    12. Abbey Road out now for Beatles RB
    13. Panzer General/Tower Bloxx for XBLA
    14. PS3 sales up by over 80 per cent in US
    15. Microsoft bans "unauthorised" Mem Units
    16. Kojima promises Zone of the Enders 3
    17. Dragon Age: Origins
    18. Oddworld for PSN on Thursday
    1. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
    2. Uncharted 2: Mastering the Cell
    3. Modern Warfare 2 gets 18 rating
    4. Free Killing Floor update this week
    5. Forza 3, Borderlands early-birds banned
    6. Japan split between Nintendo and Sony
    7. No God of War Collection this year
    8. New LocoRoco game gets date
    9. UK charts: FIFA 10 beats Uncharted 2
    10. Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter
    11. Namco hints at Tales of Vesperia 2
    12. Moore "glad" some of FIFA's issues solved
    13. Sony unveils new DLC for SOCOM
    14. Apple now permits in-app purchasing
    15. Romero's MMO gets downsized
    16. No dedicated servers for PC MW2
    17. New Mario is coming, says Martinet
    18. XBLA social update adds "News and More"
    19. APB swings into closed beta
    20. Mass Effect 2 dated
    21. Free DDO boosts subs by 40 per cent
    1. Ion Assault
    1. PES 2010: Pro Evolution Soccer
    2. Borderlands
    3. SW Battlefront: Elite Squadron dated
    4. Disorderly Queue
    5. EA Sports unleashes FIFA Earth
    6. Timbaland using Beaterator on album
    7. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
    8. No Euro God of War III demo this year
    9. Nintendo "in step" with HD progression
    10. VG247 cleans up at the GMAs
    11. US to get 250GB PS3 Slim
    12. 360 will outsell PS3 this year, says MS
    13. Forza Motorsport 3
    14. Ed blog: Pat Garratt wins the internet!
    15. Quiet week for PlayStation Store
    16. Machinarium
    1. Valve dates and details L4D2 demo
    2. SEGA confirms Alpha Protocol delay
    3. Germans invited to dump violent games
    4. Valkyria Chronicles II
    5. UK charts: FIFA still top of the table
    6. Band Hero demo on Xbox Live
    7. Rare has "no idea" where DK64 is
    8. LEGO Rock Band dated for November
    9. New PAL Releases Roundup
    10. New Wii Shop and DSi titles revealed
    11. New FIFA 10 patch this week, EA keen to address remaining issues
    12. Dragon Age spun off into Flash game
    13. Football Manager 2010 demo released
    14. Call of Duty 1 soon on PSN, XBLA
    15. New CryEngine vid shows next-gen vision
    16. Warhammer 40k: DOW II gets free DLC
    17. Possible ZOE sequel top of Kojima's list
    18. Stargate Worlds funding woes continue
    19. Torchlight to get release on Steam
    20. Mushroom Wars, Ratchet space on PSN
    21. Age of Conan free trial is back
    22. LOTRO: Mirkwood priced for Europe
    23. Help test Facebook and Twitter on 360
    1. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
    2. Sky Player for Xbox 360 dated
    3. WOW deadline set
    4. New PS3-compatible phone launched
    5. When Comics Met Videogames
    6. Wii Fit Plus is "not a sequel" - Miyamoto
    7. Dragon's Lair heading to DSiWare?
    8. Two years of DLC planned for Dragon Age
    9. Splatterhouse confirmed for 2010
    10. Ubi: We could do 35 Assassin's Creeds
    11. Wii Play is best-selling game this decade
    12. Yamauchi: GT5 is "basically complete"
    13. E3: Yamauchi: We could release GT5 now
    14. Pay what you want for World of Goo
    15. Sucker Punch doing InFamous sequel?
    16. PES 2010: The Road to Redemption?
    1. Developer sessions rolled out for Expo
    2. World of Goo announced for iPhone
    3. GAME outs Dragon Age special edition
    4. Double Fine's Tim Schafer
    5. Damon Slye to build new Red Baron
    6. SimBin's Race On demo out now
    7. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories for Feb
    8. Savage Moon heading to PSP
    9. Wii gets full-size exercise bike
    10. LEGO Rock Band track-list revealed
    11. Two adventure games on XBLA this week
    12. Private Ryan writer on Warcraft film
    13. Big breasts aren't erotic, says Kamiya
    14. Fils-Aime questions PSPgo "benefit"
    15. Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns confirmed
    1. Brütal Legend
    2. MS lays out October on Xbox Live
    3. Bayonetta: PS3/360 demo showdown
    4. C&C Red Alert for iPhone this month
    5. Double Fine's Tim Schafer
    6. Double Fine's Tim Schafer
    7. Tekken 6
    8. Resistance 3 announced?
    9. DJ Hero Renegade songs revealed
    10. SOE president outs "PlanetSide Next"
    11. L4D2/Mass Effect 2 PS3 listings an "error"
    12. Scivelation unveiled for PC and consoles
    13. Guitar Hero 5 demo on Xbox Live
    14. Scribblenauts dev making XBLA game
    15. Mobigame: Langdell's lawyers have "fled"
    16. Last two Left 4 Dead 2 campaigns named?
    17. Kojima comments on Obama's Nobel win
    18. Xbox Facebook/Twitter in mid-November?
    19. EyePet
    1. Certain Xbox 360 Classics drop to £15
    2. The MAG Factor
    1. Road Rash, Flash video footage appears
    2. Wii Fit Plus storms Japanese chart
    3. LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias
    4. Sony, MS don't understand console MMOs
    5. Star Trek Online
    6. STO Klingons require unlocking - Cryptic
    7. PSPgone
    8. Aion level cap reached in 17 days
    9. First DLC for IL-2 Sturmovik released
    10. Hitman games half-price this weekend
    11. Halo 3: ODST sales reach 2.5 million
    12. PSN: Two for PS3, three for PSP Minis
    13. Archon returning to PC after 26 years
    14. Activision closes Shaba, halves 7 Studios
    15. Bookies now taking bets on Xmas No. 1
    16. Sales will determine Beatles DLC plan
    17. PixelJunk Shooter
    18. Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Republic Heroes
    1. Yakuza 4
    2. New PAL Releases Roundup
    3. Face-Off: Batman: Arkham Asylum
    4. Beaterator
    5. Gory WiiWare game Last Flight outed
    6. Indie game Zombie Driver unveiled
    7. WAR revamping early levels
    8. LostWinds sequel tomorrow on WiiWare
    9. Beaterator
    10. We don't set PSP Minis price, says Sony
    11. Will Wright's three projects not far off
    12. US Government fights terrorists with Wii
    13. U2 keen to appear in own Rock Band game
    14. Free Dragon Age DLC at launch
    15. Pitchford: Steam "exploiting" developers
    16. Rock Band coming to iPhone
    17. Ex-Bungie men form Moonshot Games
    18. Valve unveils fourth Left 4 Dead 2 mode
    19. Xbox Live to get Home-style game space?
    20. Global Agenda
    1. Witcher 2 is separate from White Wolf
    2. WiiWare: Coming Soon
    3. Naughty Dog details Uncharted 2 DLC
    4. PSP Minis Roundup
    5. New DS Harvest Moon this winter
    6. Badman granted last-minute UK release
    7. EDGE returns triumphant to App Store
    8. Halo 3: ODST
    9. Lucidity
    10. EA's Jack the Ripper will be a hero
    11. "PSPgo will fail miserably" - UK retailer
    12. Microsoft speaks on Natal pricing
    13. Cecil worked on A Christmas Carol for DS
    14. Wii Tony Hawk: Ride supports Miis
    15. Mechner making new Prince of Persia?
    16. Gray Matter to be released next March
    17. Sony is riskier than Nintendo, says boss
    18. Ratchet & Clank Special Edition unveiled
    19. XBL Twitter, Facebook beta this month
    20. Free "Legends" DLC at Forza 3 launch
    1. Tech Analysis: Forza 3 Demo
    2. Not so High Definition
    3. EA making Jack the Ripper game
    4. Activision reveals all DJ Hero tracks
    5. First Epic Mickey details spilled
    6. NCsoft: Aion has plenty of space now
    7. Blue Toad Murder Files dated
    8. More evidence of PSP rentals emerges
    9. Myst Free released on iPhone
    10. Free Realms adds football mini-game
    11. Rocket Knight Adventures to return
    12. Sony dismisses talk of EyePet delay
    13. Ubisoft buys TrackMania maker Nadeo
    14. Modern Warfare 2 delayed on PC?
    15. South Park coming to XBLA this week
    16. Epic Mickey confirmed as Wii exclusive
    17. Empire: Total War half-price on Steam
    1. Nintendo clamps down on sales of R4
    2. Alan Wake
    3. Getaway, Eight Days were halfway there
    4. PSPgo nudges hardware up 120 per cent
    5. Super Happy Fun Time II
    6. Tekken 6 PS3/360: The resolution game
    7. NCsoft addresses Aion server issues
    8. DJ Hero date set for Europe
    9. UK Chart: Goal-pie for FIFA 10
    10. MS enabling vidcap for all 360 games?
    11. LBP PSP coming to US next month
    12. Try out CrimeCraft free of charge
    13. New World Rally Champ game coming
    14. Pro Evo to work with motion control tech
    15. No charge to play Monster Hunter Tri
    16. Xbox team ruining GfW Live - Stardock
    17. Zuma's Revenge!
    18. Molyneux hints at Natal in Fable III
    1. DUST 514 to use micro-transations
    2. DUST 514
    1. EVE: Dominion out December 1st
    2. Dragon Age character creator dated
    3. Retailers furious at supermarket prices
    4. Wii firmware casualties "small" - Nintendo
    5. F1 2009 positioned on November grid
    6. PSPgo
    7. Bodies In Motion
    8. EVE social network site detailed
    9. Dead Rising 2 Multiplayer
    10. New songs announced for Band Hero
    11. Crackdown 2
    12. PC demos for Machinarium, Risen
    13. New Ratchet game to get two demos
    14. Incredible Machine cranks back to life
    15. Modder flying Valve boss to Australia
    16. SWTOR test hints at micro-transactions
    17. Japan: PS3 still outselling Wii despite dip
    18. Matt Hazard spin-off due this winter
    19. EA and Fox doing Spore movie
    20. Bayonetta demo for PSN Japan next week
    21. Capcom gives SSFIV fighter a boob job
    22. 20 full-price games join PSP PSN line-up
    23. Risen
    1. XBL Indie's Clover attracts publisher
    2. EVE: Walking In Stations before Dust 514
    3. Blu-ray films allow PSP transfer
    4. APB beta opens next week
    5. Tony Hawk: Ride flips to December
    6. Codemasters' Raeburn leaves studio
    7. A Boy and His Blob
    8. New Zelda DS dated for Europe
    9. Atlus bringing Zeno Clash to XBLA
    10. 13 PSP Minis available today
    11. New PAL Releases Roundup
    12. The Empire Strikes back on Wii VC
    13. Gridrunner Revolution
    14. City of Heroes wants you back
    15. PS Home gets game launching today
    16. PS3 Blu-ray issue not firmware-related
    17. Modern Warfare 2 DLC in spring
    18. Hydrophobia is now episodic XBLA game
    19. PSPgo firmware update already