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Japan split between Nintendo and Sony

PS3 still top of the console pile.

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The PS3 and Wii are on level-pegging in Japan, posting respective sales of 30,896 and 30,741, according to Media Create data for the week ending 11th October.

Sony and Nintendo would be neck-and-neck if it weren't for the DS, which ruled the roost with 55,598 units sold - 15,000 more than second place PSP.

Software was the difference, as Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver topped the chart with 185,625 sales. Wii Fit Plus followed with a strong performance of 152, 587 sales, ahead of new DS entry Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey joined at three (97,221 sales).

DS games Inazuma Eleven 2: Threat of the Invaders - Fire/Blizzard (95,515) and Tomodachi Collection (67,772) rounded out the top five. The sales drop sharply from there.

Five of the top 10 games were on DS, with a further two on Wii. The remainder were three PSP titles.

Bizarrely, new Blue Dragon DS game Giants of the Spirit World only managed a first-week at 17.

Xbox 360 and PS2 were bottom of the hardware pile, incidentally, with a paltry 3326 and 2133 sales apiece.

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