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Resistance 3 announced?

Mysterious billboard spills beans.

Dark blue icons of video game controllers on a light blue background
Image credit: Eurogamer

A billboard spied in Louisiana [not Los Angeles -Ed] over the weekend may have prematurely lifted the lid on Resistance 3.

The advert read "Resistance 3", and each letter was cut from a black background to reveal the skyline of New York City. PS3 and Insomniac logos are present.

But this billboard adjoins no ordinary petrol (gas) station. This one is bombed-out, and the fuel prices are way above average. Plus, the NeoGAF user (picked up by Kotaku) who took the pictures notes that this area of Shreveport, Louisiana is commonly used for film-sets.


The movie in question appears to be Battle: Los Angeles, which is being produced by none other than Sony Pictures for release in 2011.


A forward-thinking billboard advert for the film, then? Resistance 3 for 2011, then? New York? We're asking Sony the same questions.

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