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Sky Player suspended on Xbox Live

"Unforeseen technical issue."

Microsoft and Sky have yanked the Sky Player service from Xbox Live after encountering an "unforeseen technical issue".

According to a statement on the Xbox Live support site, "Sky Player engineers are hard at work to resolve the problem" and the service should go live today.

Sky Player had launched on Xbox Live yesterday after much fanfare, with pricing announced just as the curtain went up.

The basic Entertainment Pack provides streaming access to the G.O.L.D., Sky Real Lives, Sky Arts 1, Sky News and MTV One channels for £15 per month on top of your usual Xbox Live Gold rates.

Other, more expensive packs allow you to watch the premium Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels, providing access to Premier League football among other things.

Sky Player, which is already available to PC and Mac users, is a way of accessing Sky's range of channels without the need for a satellite dish, and is built around Microsoft's Silverlight technology.

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