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Pricing announced for Sky on Xbox 360

Packages start at 15 quid per month.

Microsoft has revealed how much you can expect to access the Sky Player via your Xbox 360 in the UK.

First off you'll need an Xbox Live Gold membership. Then it's £15 per month for the basic Entertainment Pack, which includes G.O.L.D., Sky Real Lives, Sky Arts 1, Sky News and MTV One.

You also get National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, History and Eden, while for sports fans there's Sky Sports News, British Eurosport and ESPN Classic. Kids get Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Nick Jr.

You can get more channels if you front up more cash each month, as follows. (All packages include the Entertainment Pack as standard.)

  • £25 - Sky Sports 1 OR Sky Sports 2 + Sky Sports Xtra
  • £34 - Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 + Sky Sports Xtra
  • £24 - Sky Movies Screen 1 OR Screen 2
  • £32 - Sky Movies Screen 1 + Screen 2
  • £33 - One movie channel + one sports channel + Sky Sports Xtra
  • £38 - One movie channel + all sports channels, OR vice versa, + Sky Sports Xtra
  • £41 - All sports and movie channels
  • From £9 per month extra - ESPN

You can also access further movies and TV show episodes via Sky's on-demand service. Some of these will be free while others will be paid for, with prices starting at £1 for a single TV show.

If you've already got Sky, you can access on-demand content for the channels you already pay for. If you've got Sky Multiroom or Sky Broadband Unlimited, you can get live channels too.

To celebrate the launch Microsoft is releasing a special bundle pack for £29.99. That gets you a three-month Gold subscription, a one month Sky Player subscription (Sky Sports Pack) and a Media Remote.

Sky Player for Xbox 360 launches today. Visit Sky.com for more info, or read our preview.

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