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We don't set PSP Minis price, says Sony

Publishers and developers do.

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Sony America's Eric Lempel has said pricing PSP Minis is a task for publishers and developers, not the platform holder.

They, therefore, are responsible for the disparate PSP Minis-to-iPhone prices. Our PSP Minis launch roundup looked at 13 titles, none of which came in much under £2.50/€3.

"As far as pricing goes, the publisher of the title sets the pricing," Lempel told Joystiq.

And, when asked whether price-tags can drop low enough to emulate the App Store, Lempel said, "Yes, absolutely."

"I think they have to carefully look at that, carefully price their content. Minis was intended to be something a little different and we wanted to see a lot of different types of content through Minis," he added.

"If it's not priced correctly, consumers may be turned off at the proposition and say, 'I'd rather just go for this kind of stuff instead of Minis.'"

Head over to that PSP Minis launch roundup for our thoughts on the initial baker's dozen.

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