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EG Expo 2009: Surprise Splinter Cell demo

Conviction live at Ask Eurogamer session.

Ubisoft will be showing 15 minutes of exclusive Splinter Cell: Conviction footage this afternoon at the Eurogamer Expo.

The demonstration will take place during the Ask Eurogamer Session at 4.30pm. That can be found on the top floor of the Old Billingsgate building.

Following the Splinter Cell demo, Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell and dep ed Ellie Gibson will be hosting the talk, fielding questions from attendees about this website you're reading and the industry on which it commentates.

The surprise Splinter Cell: Conviction walkthrough will be the first live demonstration we've seen since E3. That was when Sam Fisher's next adventure reappeared, redesigned and refreshed.

See it for yourself at the Eurogamer Expo 2009. Tickets are on sale at the door for £6.