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Gray Matter to be released next March

Gabriel Knight creator's comeback.

German publisher dtp entertainment has said that it will finally release Gray Matter - the first adventure game from cult creator Jane Jensen in over a decade - in March 2010.

The PC game was originally expected in late 2007, then postponed into 2008, then suffered a further delay into 2009 when dtp replaced the original Hungarian developer with a French outfit, Wizarbox.

Gray Matter is the first game by Jensen since the conclusion of her much-loved Gabriel Knight series of supernatural mysteries with Gabriel Knight 3 in 1999. It concerns reclusive Oxford neurobiologist Dr. David Styles and his student assistant Samantha Everett, and their attempts to explain the appearance of Styles' deceased wife at his mansion, Dread Hill House.

The release date was revealed as dtp announced the voice cast for the game, including Steven Pacey, a veteran British TV actor with credits stretching back from Spooks through Lovejoy to Blake's 7.

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Gray Matter

Xbox 360, PC

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