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Daltrey stirs Rock Band Who talk

Not so bored now, Roger?

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Roger Daltrey has suggested that his band The Who is to get a Rock Band special edition next year.

Asked about The Beatles: Rock Band by Massachusetts paper The Republican (thanks, Joystiq), the old hellraiser said, "The game, yeah, yeah, they're going to be doing a Who one next year. There is one planned."

He might just mean a track pack, of course, although if Harmonix is looking to repeat the archive-digging exercise with another reverential special edition, The Who seems like a likely candidate.

"[The idea] is fabulous. Anything that gets non-musical people interested in music is wonderful," Daltrey said, although we distinctly recall him saying something different last year. Then again, we also recall The Who playing the Rock Band party at E3 2008, albeit a bit less distinctly. It had been a long day, and we were tired and emotional.

"In my opinion, music is our last true great freedom. They can burn our books, they can burn our paintings, but they can't stop us singing and making music," Daltrey finished.

We're only interested if it's got the whole of Tommy on it.

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