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JAW dates Gravity Crash for PSN

Mystery iPhone and retro titles also on cards.

Stewart Gilray, head of indie development studio Just Add Water, has announced a definitive release date of November for PSN title Gravity Crash.

Speaking in his Developer Session at the Eurogamer Expo today, Gilray said that the retro-styled, inertia-themed space shooter will be available next month on PSN across Europe and America, with Japan following shortly afterwards.

(Update: Not so definitive, sadly! Gilray wrote to us last night after the event and said the game had slipped into December now. Look for it then. Probably.)

Gravity Crash has been attracting a fair bit of interest on the Expo floor up in Leeds, wowing crowds with it's striking vector graphics and old-school action. The game features a complete level editor and publisher, with every asset used in the game's creation available for players to toy around with.

These levels can be published to PSN and browsed by other users, although they'll be moderated if you try and draw anything unsavoury. We know you. Grotty little oiks.

Gilray also revealed that the studio is working on a mystery iPhone application, as well as a reboot of a classic title. These are super-secret, however, expect us to extract the details as soon as we possibly can.