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JAW working on three retro titles

"Lovers of eighties, nineties will be happy."

Just Add Water boss Stewart Gilray has revealed that his studio is working on three other games besides PSN game Gravity Crash.

"What if I told you that Just Add Water is working on a retro title that isn't Gravity Crash? Would you be surprised? How about three then?!" Tweeted Gilray.

Pushed on what the games will be, Gilray told Eurogamer: "We're extremely happy to be working on the projects we are working on, anything beyond that is completely under wraps at this time."

"Lovers of the eighties and nineties will be happy," he added, unable to hold himself back.

As for platforms, Gilray doesn't expect his choice to be much of a surprise. "As you know we're working on the current generation of hardware so I don't think it's hard to work out what platforms we're supporting this time," he said.