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PS3 sales up compared to last year

But PSP and PS2 on the slide.

Sony has published its second quarter financial results, revealing that 3.2 million PS3 units were sold in the last three months.

That's an increase from the same period last year, during which 2.4 million machines were shifted. But losses grew in the Network Products & Services Division, which is in charge of PlayStation. They rose from ¥40.6 billion to ¥58.8 billion. Sales fell 24.2 per cent to hit ¥352.6 billion. PSP sales dropped from 3.2 million to 3 million and PS2 sales stood at 1.9 million, down from 2.5 million last year.

"In the game business, the deterioration in profitability was mainly due to a decrease in PS2 hardware and software unit sales, and the impact of the appreciation of the yen," said Sony in a statement.

At least they sold more games - 23.9 million for the PS3, up from 21.2 million, and 12.9 million for the PSP - over a million more than during the same period in 2008. PS2 sales fell though, dropping from 23.2 million to 11.1 million.

The entire Sony business made a loss of ¥32.6 billion. Last year they made a profit of ¥11.05 billion.