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Fable III Natal support confirmed

Molyneux after micro-transactions too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Peter Molyneux has confirmed Natal support for Fable III and described gaming in 2009 as "the most exciting year ever".

Speaking last night at a BAFTA event - hosted and Tweeted by Eurogamer's Johnny Minkley - Molyneux revealed that his next role-playing game will also feature a micro-transaction in-game shop, where players can buy swords from £1.

Walkthroughs are another possibility for the store, but with the game so far off, Molyneux said many of these features could be dropped before release.

Fable III was unveiled at the German gamescom event in August. The Xbox 360 RPG, due next year, allows players to become king or queen of the land, ruling over it according to their character's morals. It's unsurprisingly ambitious. Head over to our Fable III preview to find out more.

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