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Indie game Zombie Driver unveiled

Death Race in the old-school GTA style.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Polish indie developer Exor Studios has unveiled a promising little PC peach called Zombie Driver, which is on the slate for November.

Presented top-down - like the original Grand Theft Auto - the aim is to plough through hordes of undead in modified cars to rescue survivors of a chemical apocalypse.

It's Death Race with zombies, basically - points are awarded for spectacular combo carnage.

Flame-throwers, machine guns and more can be strapped to cars, using cash earned from side-quests or found in unlikely places in the unrestricted, open world.

There's ample variation, according to the press release, although zombies exploding messily in fast-paced gameplay is enough to satisfy us.

Check out the Zombie Driver website for the first video.

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