Zombie Driver

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Zombie Driver HD announced for PSN

Zombie Driver HD announced for PSN

UPDATE: XBLA, Tegra devices too.

UPDATE: The game's also coming to Xbox Live Arcade and Tegra 2 mobile devices, according to a press release that's just gone out, which also offers a late 2011 release window.

ORIGINAL STORY: Lunatic top-down racer Zombie Driver is making the jump from PC to PlayStation 3, Sony has announced.

Developed by indie outfit EXOR Studios and first released on PC back in 2009, the game sees you speeding around a post-apocalyptic wasteland mowing down hoards of the undead.

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Indie game Zombie Driver unveiled

Death Race in the old-school GTA style.

Polish indie developer Exor Studios has unveiled a promising little PC peach called Zombie Driver, which is on the slate for November.