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NFS Nitro boosts to early November

Wii and DS instalment here soon.

EA plans to release Need for Speed: Nitro here on 6th November. That's earlier than the 20th November we had once expected.

Need for Speed Nitro is not Need for Speed Shift, but a separate, built-from-the-ground-up, Wii and DS game.

As such, Nitro will cater to the control methods of the machines as well as the audience that plays them. The game will be fast, stylised and arcade; a mix of player-driven classic cars racing off from the po-lice. There's a Lamborghini in it, and they're amazing.

Need for Speed Nitro will be on display at the Eurogamer Expo next week. It's not the only game, that would be rubbish - so head over to our EG Expo site to look at the full, mouth-watering list.

Tickets are only £6 a day, and we're hitting the road this year, heading to Leeds on Tuesday and Wednesday, before redeploying in London on Friday and Saturday. Do not leave it until the day to buy your ticket.