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Ubi: We could do 35 Assassin's Creeds

Dev speculates about female lead, WWII.

Never mind a third Assassin's Creed game, Ubisoft producer Sébastien Puel reckons they could do any number of them.

"I'm often asked if we're doing a third game after ACII... I mean, we could do 35 of these," he told Xbox World 360.

That's because - thanks to the way Assassin's Creed is structured, exploring the genetic memories of one of the assassins' descendants - the actual game bit could theoretically take place anywhere.

During World War II, for example. Puel said the team had discussed the idea of a female assassin, which might work during the war since "the economies in England and France were run by women because the men were off fighting".

"So maybe in this context you were a woman in England during WWII. Why not? Nothing prevents us from doing it," he said.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves. Assassin's Creed II is due out on 20th November and takes place in Renaissance Italy, where young nobleman-turned-assassin Ezio Auditore da Firenze gets caught up in all sorts of stabby and conspiratorial events.

It's looking like a solid improvement on its predecessor, which sold four squillion copies, and we should be able to bring you a review in around a month's time.