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Yamauchi: GT5 is "basically complete"

But he's still tweaking.

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has reiterated that the only thing holding up Gran Turismo 5 is his perfectionism.

"All the basic stuff is complete, but we're trying to give everything that little bit extra at present," he told Famitsu in an interview translated by 1UP (thanks VG247).

"We could release it any time we want, really, but I want to have that classic GT-style 'did we really have to go this far?' feel going. I want to go way beyond gamer expectations."

That echoes what Yamauchi told Eurogamer at E3, when he said: "It's at a point we can release it any time we want, but we can always keep working on it. It's very important for us to make sure everything is done perfectly and everything is done in detail."

The man behind Sony's proud old real driving simulator also told Famitsu that people playing the PSP version of Gran Turismo will be able to export their car collection into Gran Turismo 5 once it's released.

That, of course, will happen in March 2010 in Japan, and hopefully not longer after that in Europe.