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Nintendo unveils big-screen DSi

Now you get 4.2 inches to play with.

Nintendo has confirmed a new version of the DSi is on the way, complete with bigger screens.

The DSi LL, as it's titled, will feature 4.2-inch screens. It will come complete with two different sizes of stylus, one long and one short. You'll also get two brain training games and a dictionary pre-installed.

A choice of colours will be available - Dark Brown, Wine Red and Natural White. You can take a look at the new handheld over on the Nintendo Japan website.

The DSi LL will launch in Japan on 21st November, just over one year since the original DSi hit shop shelves there. It's priced at ¥20,000 (£135 / €150).

There's no word yet on European launch plans, but seeing as we only got the DSi in April there might be a bit of a wait.

The Nintendo DSi LL.

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