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Torchlight demo released on Steam

Try the Diablo-alike for free.

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Runic Games has released a demo for its action-RPG Torchlight on Steam.

The game was released yesterday, and can be bought direct from the developer as well as from Steam, Direct2Drive and a number of other digital download services. It costs US $19.99.

Torchlight is a top-down action-RPG in the Diablo mould, descended from the never-released Mythos which was being made by Hellgate developer Flagship before it went under. Runic was formed by Diablo veteran Max Schaefer and other members of the Mythos team.

Torchlight is currently a single-player RPG only, but a massively multiplayer version will be built on its bones and released next year.

"This game is pure Diablo-ish wonderful-ness. My fave from E3, can't wait to play tonight," tweeted nerd actress Felicia Day.

Read our PAX preview for more info, and look out for a review soon.

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