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Sony, MS don't understand console MMOs

Cryptic says business side to blame.

Star Trek Online captain Craig Zinkievich has explained that the MMO is delayed on console because of "the business side of things". The game itself, he said, already runs on the machines.

"When it comes to the business, I'll be honest, the business part of bringing MMOs to consoles has been really sticky," Zinkievich told Eurogamer in an interview published today. "Trying to get Sony, trying to get Microsoft to really understand MMOs; really understand what needs to happen for MMOs, and then figure out all the business aspects of those games, has really been a difficulty for all of the MMO developers."

He said Final Fantasy XI - the sole MMO on 360 - was only possible because "so many exceptions were made" while Microsoft tried to establish market share. Getting the platform-holders to understand the technologies needed network-wise have been "the really big hangups".

"In terms of actually developing the game on the consoles?" asked Zinkievich. "I mean Champions runs on the console right now; Star Trek Online runs on the consoles right now; our engine - the Cryptic Engine - runs on the consoles."

"So I can guarantee that internally I can have Star Trek Online running on the consoles because I know I can, and we've done it. But it's that [business] side that I can't speak for.

"I can give you guarantees that if you really, really want, someone can come here and play it," he added.

Cryptic hasn't announced which consoles Star Trek Online will appear on, although you can probably rule out Wii.

The PC version of Star Trek Online is due out early next year. Check out our full interview with Craig Zinkievich to find out much more.