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PSPgo firmware update already

Bluetooth tethering, mind you.

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Sony has announced new PSP firmware that enables Bluetooth tethering options for PSPgo, flanked by revisions to the way the handheld deals with media.

The PSPgo, which launches today worldwide, is the only system in the Sony handheld family with Bluetooth support, and with firmware 6.10 installed it will be able to tether to another Bluetooth device, such as a mobile phone. The idea is to piggyback something else to gain access to the internet.

Firmware 6.10 is available now from the Japanese support site, so presumably you can grab it through the PSP's system update menu. We'd check but, er, we forgot to bring our PSP to work. Whoops!

Sony's US PlayStation blog urges anyone buying a PSPgo today to download the latest firmware "to ensure full compatibility with MediaGo and with all PSP titles". Plus, of course, it wouldn't be a new console experience these days without having to download an update immediately.

The other changes, incidentally, are the addition of SensMe, which apparently categorises music transferred to your PSP so that you can simply tell it you want relaxing tunes and it will oblige, or some such, and new MediaGo software. The latter is a PC-based application for managing content on your PSP.

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