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MMO S.U.N. rises around the world

Amazing Graphic! Story Telling Quest!

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Korean publisher and developer Webzen has launched its MMO Soul of the Ultimate Nation in the West. The game went live yesterday, October 21st.

Boasting "Amazing Graphic! Beyond Action! Story Telling Quest!" according to the official website, S.U.N. is the latest in a long line of Asian MMORPGs to make its way West as a free-to-play game. Webzen previously launched MU Online, one of Asia's biggest games, and recently took over ArchLord after Codemasters dropped it.

S.U.N., which first appeared in Korea in 2006, boasts a Battle Zone system which allows you to create customised battles and dungeons, choosing the map, difficulty, number of participants and type of reward.

Webzen is celebrating the launch by giving away cash items to all new characters, and also start-up funds to guild masters to help them get up and running. You can sign up at the S.U.N. website.

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