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MS lays out October on Xbox Live

GOD, Avatars, deals of the week.

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Grand Theft Auto IV will be added to Xbox Live Games on Demand tomorrow, paving the way for DLC add-on The Ballad of Gay Tony at the end of the month.

Urban racer Midnight Club: Los Angeles joins the fray a week later, alongside Army of Two and Sonic Unleashed. And one of those, remember, is rubbish.

Finally, on 27th October we'll see Dead Space and DiRT, both of which are worthy of your time.

Over to deals of the week, and current discountee Hasbro Family Game Night will be followed next week by Resident Evil 5 Versus Mode. Fable II Pub Games rounds off the month.

There are various new bits for the Avatar clothing store this month too, based around the seasonal festivities of Halloween.

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