Midnight Club: Los Angeles


Rockstar Games Collection revealed, due in early November

Contains RDR, GTA Episodes, LA Noire, and Midnight Club: LA.

EU PlayStation Store update 15th June

Black Ops: Escalation pack finally released.

Trine, Bomberman head PSN refresher

Lots of special offers, too.

MCLA South Central cars sold separately?

Vehicle pack leaks point to more content.

Midnight Club expansion on Xbox Live

Unforeseen bug located and squashed.

Rockstar fixing Midnight Club DLC

"Unforeseen" Xbox 360 bug to blame.

Midnight Club DLC delayed a week

It's now due out on 19th March.

Midnight Club DLC detailed, priced

Free and premium South Central options.

Midnight Club DLC out in March

South Central expands Los Angeles.

Midnight Club: LA offering serious prizes

Rockstar's year of tournaments begins.

MS sorry for leaked Midnight Club DLC

South Central goes up then down.

Midnight Club's LA to get South Central

Free map update and premium content pack.

Rockstar XBL, PSN event this weekend

Multiplayer with staff, prizes on offer.

Digital Foundry | Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 15

BioShock, Dead Space, Pure, Midnight Club, Spidey, Star Wars.

Midnight Club joins Social Club

Track stats, unlock cars, show off.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Multiplayer action.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Speed devils in the city of angels.

Midnight Club: LA delayed slightly

Extra fortnight to give it clearer run.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

One amazing town to another.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Poise in the hood.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

If you like a lot of customisation on your biscuit, join our club.

New Midnight Club drifts to October

Rockstar racer delayed by a month.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

Rockstar feels the need for speed.

New Midnight Club for September

LA with no load times, tracks or rules.

New Midnight Club next year

Heading to PS3 and 360.