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MS sorry for leaked Midnight Club DLC

South Central goes up then down.

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Microsoft has said sorry for accidentally leaking the first batch of Midnight Club: Los Angeles downloadable content onto Xbox Live Marketplace yesterday, and warned those sharp enough to grab the content before removal that they should delete the files pronto.

"The Marketplace team has mentioned to me that a batch of Midnight Club: LA content went up accidentally on Xbox Live Marketplace this morning. It has since been removed, but you may have had the chance to download it while it was up there," said Graeme "AceyBongos" Boyd, Xbox community manager for Europe, on his blog.

"If you did and if it's sitting on your hard drive you should delete it - reason being that it was being tested when it was mistakenly put live and therefore it may not work properly, the Achievements won't register and could cause you problems with your Midnight Club: LA game saves.

"Sorry for the mistake and sorry for the hassle, but if you did download the content best thing to do is delete it," he added.

According to fast-fingered NeoGAF members the downloaded content had no effect on Midnight Club: LA and changed nothing in-game anyway.

The desired effect of the DLC will be opening the brand new South Central area of the polluted city in "early 2009" for free, said Rockstar in December. The leaked pack, incidentally, had a slew of brand new vehicles plus extra races and missions included.

There's also a pair of premium car packs planned, which will feature vehicles like Ducatis, Aston Martins and Cadillacs.

We've dropped Rockstar a line to narrow down dates and prices.

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