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Midnight Club DLC detailed, priced

Free and premium South Central options.

Rockstar has announced more details and pricing information for the upcoming Midnight Club: Los Angeles South Central downloadable content.

The pack, which is due out on 12th March, will cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and GBP 7.99 on PlayStation Network.

Rockstar also plans to release a free-to-download map pack, which allows access to the new territory - around a third the size of the original city layout - but doesn't fill it out with any content. Using the race editor, however, you could theoretically have plenty of fun without spending a point or pound.

If you can't be bothered to make your own fun though, Rockstar has plenty to serve up, in the form of 26 new races (including six new blitz races), 12 new battle maps, ten new deliveries and over 100 new red-light challenges, with new competitors, a new garage offering new parts, and nine brand new vehicles to race around, each with its own custom body kit.

You can see how it's all shaping up in yesterday's South Central trailer on Eurogamer TV, or head over to our Midnight Club: Los Angeles - South Central DLC screenshot gallery for snaps of the new vehicles and locations.

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Midnight Club: Los Angeles

PS3, Xbox 360

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