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Midnight Club: LA delayed slightly

Extra fortnight to give it clearer run.

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Rockstar has punted Midnight Club: Los Angeles for PS3 and 360 and its little PSP cousin, LA Remix, a couple of weeks into the future in search of "a more favourable market window" in the words of CFO Lainie Goldstein.

Goldstein's comments were picked up by GameSpot during a conference call following the release of Take-Two's third-quarter financial statement, in which Rockstar's mummy-publisher said the games were now aimed at 21st October in the US and 24th October in Europe.

Midnight Club: LA transforms the usually gridlocked City of Angels into a free-roaming automotive playground in which players take part in all manner of street-races in cars they can soup up and modify extensively.

Check out our recent Midnight Club: Los Angeles hands-on preview for our impressions of the content and gameplay, and look out for more on the game, including its multiplayer component, in the coming weeks ahead of a review closer to 24th October.

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