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Midnight Club joins Social Club

Track stats, unlock cars, show off.

The Rockstar Social Club has added support for shiny-rimmed racer Midnight Club: Los Angeles.

But what does this mean? Well, the Social Club is a website that tracks various statistics from the game and then presents them nicely in leaderboards and other features.

Those other features are the opportunity to unlock an Audi R8 by completing Social Club-issued challenges in Midnight Club, and an area where racers can upload their cars for the community to rate. Screenshots can be uploaded and added to galleries, too.

You can even browse all of the Midnight Club vehicles in a giant online shop, whilst learning which car is driven the most or which motorbike wins the most races online.

There's also a profile to create and prune, a bit like a blog, plus promises of hosted tournaments, music players and a screenshot music video generator to arrive in the future.

Midnight Club: Los Angeles is due out this Friday on PS3 and Xbox 360, and carries the Eurogamer seal of approval.

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