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New Midnight Club for September

LA with no load times, tracks or rules.

Rockstar has revealed that Midnight Club: Los Angeles will be out in Europe on 12th September.

It will be the first of the series to arrive on the glitzy PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware, and boasts a seamless and realistic LA with no load times, tracks, rules, or Jack Bauer.

Rockstar San Diego is the returning developer behind the wheel, and we're promised more customisable cars than we know what to do with. Also: motorbikes.

"From the beginning, Midnight Club has been about street racing in an open world," said Sam Houser, boss of Rockstar. "With our team at Rockstar San Diego we have developed a game that we feel once again pushes the boundaries and expectations of what a racing game can be."

Rockstar also plans to release Midnight Club: LA Remix on PSP alongside its bigger brothers. The game is being polished up for handheld by Rockstar's London studio.

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