Army of Two


Xbox 360 DLC Roundup

Ninja Gaiden 2, Halo 3, Army of Two, Lost Odyssey, Puzzle Quest, N+, Rock Band, GH III.

Digital FoundryX360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

Vegas 2, Army of Two, Lost, Blacksite, Conflict, Lost Planet, DW6.

Army of Two

It takes two to tango, whiskey, alpha, tango.

FeatureArmy of Two

Live together, die less, experience greater combat variety.

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24th October 2008

EA unveils Army of Two film

18th August 2008

Xbox 360 DLC Roundup

5th March 2008

Army of Two

More Army of Two incoming

EA job listing outs possible sequel.

Another entry in EA's third person Army of Two co-op shooter series is in the works, according to a new set of job listings.

EA will look into an SSX revival

Outcome depends on you, apparently.

EA Montreal trouser-wearer Alain Tascan has admitted there is a lot of love for the SSX snowboarding series at the studio, and said that a revival may be on the cards - particularly if the market (that's you) demands it.

EA unveils Army of Two film

EA unveils Army of Two film

Phil and Grant Mitchell as leads?

EA has confirmed plans to make an Army of Two film with Universal Pictures.

Bourne Ultimatum co-writer Scott Burns will handle the adaptation, while producer Scott Stuber drives the project forward.

Production will start next year, and Burns talks of the story as a "smart thriller that has real implications in the world we live in today".

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Xbox 360 DLC Roundup

Xbox 360 DLC Roundup

Ninja Gaiden 2, Halo 3, Army of Two, Lost Odyssey, Puzzle Quest, N+, Rock Band, GH III.

It's been a while since we last did this - just over four months in fact - so it seems like a good time to dip back into Microsoft's Game Store to see if anything of interest has been added. This won't be a complete list of every new bit of downloadable content released since April, but rather a closer look at the bits and pieces that caught our eye - whether it's for all the right, or all the wrong, reasons.

As always, we'll be breaking down the cost of each item in real money so you can gauge the relative value of your precious Microsoft Points, and also giving you the lowdown on what you get for your outlay and whether it's worth the effort.

Ninja Gaiden 2

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More Army of Two DLC on the way

EA has 'plan' for the coming months.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Veteran Map Pack for Army of Two, videogaming247 brings us the news that more DLC is in the pipeline for EA's shooter.

X360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

Digital FoundryX360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 10

Vegas 2, Army of Two, Lost, Blacksite, Conflict, Lost Planet, DW6.

Welcome to the latest in Eurogamer's on-going coverage of cross-format games development, our chance to go back and supplement existing reviews with additional console-specific coverage.

As is the norm, there's roundup commentary on the gameplay of each title, combined with technical analysis for both PS3 and Xbox 360 releases. Backing that up is the usual range of 720p and 1080p (where PS3 supports it) full precision, full-range 24-bit RGB dumps of every game, courtesy of the Digital Foundry HD capture unit. With Eurogamer you get the full, uncompressed picture of what the respective consoles are pumping out, with no recourse to murky, jerky streaming video.

Onto the games then. There's quite an intriguing line-up of the best and the very, very worst in cross-platform development in this round, with an unintended emphasis on co-op gameplay and Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology.

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Army of Two

Army of Two

It takes two to tango, whiskey, alpha, tango.

A few campaigns into Army of Two, and mercenaries Tyson Rios and Elliot Salem are lugging their risible body armour, pimped hand-cannons and mismatched names towards their next encounter with a bunch of insurgents who look like a street gang, in an army base that looks like a skate park, in an Iraq that looks like the outskirts of Denver. Rios (bald, scarred, The Serious One) is being Basil Exposition, wondering aloud to Salem (tousled, tattooed, The Impetuous One) whether a mole might be betraying them to the enemy.

"Don't know don't care," barks Salem, and the mindless killing begins once more.

In case you hadn't guessed from the getup that makes its supposedly macho heroes look like camp, sado-masochistic, medieval ice hockey goalies, Army of Two doesn't take itself all that seriously. This co-op-focused, third-person shooter is no Tom Clancy's Advanced Military Anorak Fantasy. Why are we killing these men? What's the plot again? Which third-world country are we blowing up next? Don't know, don't care. In the middle of one firefight, Salem starts banging on about who the best rapper in the Wu-Tang Clan is. It's practically self-parody.

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Army of Two

I'm with stupid.

It's not even out yet - we haven't even played it for more than forty minutes - and Army of Two is already a guilty pleasure.

FeatureArmy of Two

Live together, die less, experience greater combat variety.

With Army of Two, EA Montreal believes it's struck on something that even the best co-operative shooters - like Gears of War and Rainbow Six Vegas - are missing out on: designing for co-op from the ground up. What that gives you is systems like Aggro - borrowed from MMOs, Aggro is the concept of drawing enemy attention in order to let your partner slip around unmolested.

No Army of Two demo pre-release

Might do one later.

Army of Two lead designer Chris Ferriera says that as much as EA Montreal would love to do a demo, they sort of need to concentrate on the game instead.

Army of Two

We spend time in Two's company.

According to Dustin Hoffman, Lawrence Olivier once explained his desire to act thus: "Look at me. Look at me. Look at me." That might not have much to do with Army of Two, but it does get you out of having to read a tampon joke, so there's no point whinging. Tampons are part of Army of Two's health system. Getting people to look at you is part of killing them all so very violently.

Army of Two dated

November in US/Europe.

Army of Two will be released on 15th November for PS3 and Xbox 360, EA said today, and that date applies to North America and Europe.

Crysis, Army of Two delayed

April 2007 at the earliest.

EA may have dropped enough hints in its investor conference call this week to cater to every taste - from the Sims and SimCity to Road Rash, Rings and Black - but in the more immediate future the news was less positive, with both Crysis and Army of Two experiencing delays.