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More Army of Two DLC on the way

EA has 'plan' for the coming months.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the Veteran Map Pack for Army of Two, videogaming247 brings us the news that more DLC is in the pipeline for EA's shooter.

Quoting an EA representative, the site reports that there is an "ongoing plan" for new content for the game - with more releases on the way "over the coming months".

No specifics have been revealed about what's in the pipeline, and it's not clear whether future DLC for Army of Two will be free. The Veteran Map Pack, which includes a pair of brand new co-op maps, is a free download, but that's no guarantee for the future, of course.

Army of Two set itself up to be the most fun you could have with a friend without delving into broad-minded sexual experimentation - and despite some concerns, Oli warmed to the game as a "smart twist on a stupid shooter". Find out why by reading the review.

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Army of Two

PS3, Xbox 360

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